March Wedding on a Lake???

Hello everyone!

My fiance and I are dying to get married on a pier overlooking a lake... Problem is, the ideas around here for that particular venue are limited.  We live in Philadelphia, MS... but would be willing to drive a somewhat short distance in order to find the perfect venue.  

We have thought about Lake Tiak O'Khata in Louisville, but they require you to have the reception at the same location, which is fine... but their food is a little more expensive than what we would like to spend.  

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated :)


Re: March Wedding on a Lake???

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    Have you checked into any of the Pat Harrison Waterway parks? Some of them might be an hour or so from you, but it's worth a shot. There's a great place south of Hattiesburg (I'd have to look it up), but that's getting to be about 2 hours from you.
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    There is a place in Hattiesburg CaneBrake housing facility but you have to know someone who owns  a home there!
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    Hmmm you could look into some of the neighbor hoods around the Reservoir area in Brandon, MS (Palisades comes to mind) but I'm not sure which of them let you have weddings at the clubhouses. Castle Hill Pavilion is another resonably priced place, it is a pavilion built out into the middle of a lake. It also has a reception hall and lets you have whatever caterer you want. I have a friend who was married there and it was beautiful. Good luck!
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