I need major HELP!!!

Hello everyone!  I am newly engaged to the man of my dreams.  We are both from Mississippi, but I live in Atlanta now.  We both have decided that we want to get married in MS, but I do not have a clue on any nice venues.  I'm from Starkville and he is from Jackson.  I would prefer a wedding/reception venue in Starkville, but he seems to think that there are more options in the Jackson area (I am inclined to agree).  Maybe we can meet in the middle.  Any suggestions???  We are planning an early spring or fall wedding; I personally can not commit to a date until I locate a venue.  We would like a venue where the ceremony can be indoors, but it has nice landscaping for wedding photos.  Also, I will be planning this wedding from Atlanta, so any venues with on-site wedding coordinators would be awesome.  All suggestions are welcomed!!!!  Thanks in advance!!

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    If you're looking in the Jackson area... My cousin just had her wedding at Castle Hill Pavilion, it was beautiful. I've also heard good things about Luckett Lodge, the castle in Raymond, and several of the country clubs around Jackson are always nice too. My best advice would just be to start googling things and see what you like. Good luck!
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    There is a really beautiful chapel on the MSU campus. It is so pretty.. and the outside is beautiful too for pictures. I would love to get married at a chapel that pretty but we are Alabama fans so that was out of the question 
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    I'm looking around in Jackson, too. There are a ton of venues there (I don't know anything about Starkville), but it depends on if you want it in the city or you want to go out to Brandon/Flowood/Brandon areas. Jackson Country Club is really pretty, and the Old Capitol Inn downtown is lovely, they have a courtyard, but not lawns, though. I've heard good things about the Luckett Lodge. Annandale in Madison used to do weddings, not sure if they do any more.
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    I am getting married at Luckett Lodge so of course I am in love with it. It really kind of depends on how big your wedding is going to be though since you want to have it inside. They have a really cute Chapel but it only holds about 100. They also have weddings inside the reception hall and clear it out in between the ceremony and reception to transform it, an option if you are having a larger wedding. You should look at the website luckettlodge.com it is every bit as amazing as the pictures. Providence Hill Farms is another amazing location that hasn't been mentioned yet. It is a bit pricey but beautiful!
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    Thanks everyone for responding!  I will take a look at all of your suggestions.
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    Inbetween Starkville and Jackson is kind of a dead zone, right? I think I would probably stick to one or the other. Or maybe Canton? My BFF is getting married at the Jiggett's House in Canton. It's so cool and she's had nothing but awesome things to say.

    Luckett Lodge is great - but you have to use on-site catering, so if you're okay with that, then it's a great option.

    I got married in Florence at Castle Hill Pavilion. I love love loved it.

    Is there a certian vibe you're going for?
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    I have some friends that got married at Old Waverly in West Point!
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    The Old South Warehouse! Google some pics and you will see some really neat stuff... trees and everything inside in some. It's a great space and I want to get married there but I promised my fiance we would stay in Natchez. I don't think there is a coordinator, but Kristen with Signature Occasions is awesome!
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    And the Jiggets Home is beautiful. The lady that owns it does flowers and catering and photos.
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    I second the MSU chapel.. It's gorgeous!
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