Welcome, Mississippi Brides!

Hi! I haven't done one of these in a while and it looks like there are quite a few new MS brides lurking around the board (and I suspect we might get a wave of Christmas proposals) - so WELCOME!

I'm the mod around here, so if you see any vendors, feel free to report them or PM me and what not and I'll take care of them. Vendors are welcome to PAY to advertise on The Knot, but I get this cool orange bar over my picture as a trade for getting rid of vendors on this board.

A little about me - I currently live outside of Jackson, but I went to school at USM, so I know a bit about Hattiesburg as well, but that's IT! We've always got questions about the coast and north MS areas so if you've got information about these places, please dont' hesitate to post them and help out other brides!

Oh, and I got married in October 2010 in Florence - but I'm a nerd and I get bored easily at work so I've stuck around. If you've got questions, spit 'em out! This is a place to talk to other Mississippi Brides and get real information for your wedding that pertains to our little piece of the South! 
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