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Planning Bio!

Hey all!  I was working on my wedding planning bio/website today and thought I'd go ahead and make it public!  Check out the link in my siggy!

Anyone else have a planning bio to share?

ETA:  Ugh, looks like I can't get the link to work and I have to run!  Here's the url:

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My Planning Bio (last updated 10/6/12)

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Re: Planning Bio!

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    Looks good Em! I love the inspo board! I have one but haven't made it public yet ...still needs tweeking.
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    Love your site!!  Is that one you paid for?  I am working on figuring out what we want and I really like the set up of yours.  And PS your ring is amazing!  I love how the stones are suspended.
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    I started messing with one but at the time didn't really have a whole lot to put on it.  I really should, though, especially with all of the DIY I plan on doing.

    I love the way your stones are suspended too :)  and your "Don't look, Andy!" disclaimers for your dress pics made me giggle.
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