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Day of coordinator??

Originally, I didn't think I was going to splurge on a day of coordinator because I thought they were too expensive. However, I found one in the area of my wedding that does rehearsal and day-of (all day) coordination for $400! Is this too good to be true? The more I think about it, the less I feel like I am going to calm enough to handle setting up centerpieces the morning of and NOT wanting to tear everything down that night. I think I might set up a meeting with them to get a feel if they are really as high quality as they claim to be, or if they really are too good to be true. If you have a sec, could you ladies take a look at the website to see if you can catch any red flags that I may have missed?? Thanks!

Re: Day of coordinator??

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    I don't know if the price is too good to be true I have not had to price a day of coordinator I'm going to have my Aunt do all of that stuff she is awesome and I really trust her I'm so very thankful to have her she just got married a few years ago and everything went so smooth. Is there anyone in your family willing to do this for you? I know most people would be offended if you asked them because they would rather sit back and be a guest but my Aunt offered the day I told her we were engaged, you would save a ton of money and if you trust this family member it might put you at ease on the big day???
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    I really really want one but I can't seem to convince FI that it'll be worth it. The cheapest in pur area is about 1200 which isn't exactly in budget either.
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    You asked for us to look at the website. Myy major concern is that they only have 2-3 pics of each wedding, so I wonder if they are stock pics (got this form a photog). The pictures also dont show me how they plan or coordinated an event. $400 does not sound that bad for day-of, but I would wnat to call 3 recent brides and/or ask if you could visit a upcoming wedding that they did day-of coordinating. I am not 100% in them after viewing the site. 

    I am the same as  trent13. I am having a good friend as the day of coordinator who is looking into doing wedding coordinating on the side, so I will be her first wedding she can profile. I know her work ethic and event planning skills, as we use to work together and her mother is a wedding decor company. If that falls thru, I have a cousin who would be more than willing to do it. I would say look to a family member or friend who is really interesting in helping your plan your day and see if they would be interested for a fee (I am tipping whoever maybe $100-150, as they would do it as a gift). Like trent side, these ladies would feel better if they were involved in so way they just be a guest. It's so people's passion, you know. 
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    To be honest I did not really look at the website, but I agree with keyaira - I would ask for the contact info of at least three recent brides and get their feedback. Like keyaira said pictures do not show the actual planning or coordination of an event. 

    That said, when I asked for recommendations for DOC's in my area I got a few whose prices were around the $500 mark.
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    Thanks for the insight ladies! 
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