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Why is it so hard for me to find stationary I like. Especially the invitations. Finding my dress, caterer, venue, and flowers were easy. I would not have guessed that invitations would be the hard part.

Where did you get your invites from?

Re: Wedding Sationary

  • I designed my own with my mom and sister.  My mom's a crafty lady and likes to make greeting cards with all her stamps and embossers and stuff, so it's pretty easy since she has all the tools.  I found tutorials and ideas in different spots and I think it'll work out well.
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  • I was designing my own, but then got a groupon from Delphine Press. 

    What type of invitations are you looking for?
  • I feel the same way. I am getting my STD from vista print(I made them), but I'm not in love with any of the invites. I see so many DIY that I really like, but I'm not that crafty, and when I find something online that looks like what I want it cost way too much! 
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  • I really wanted to DIY my own but I have no clue how to get the layered look let alone find a publishing program for free. Luckily I found an amazing Etsy seller that has been so wonderful and in budget for invites!
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  • Etsy for the invites, inserts, and belly bands. Cardsandpockets.com for envelopes, liners, and pocket folds. Keep looking, you'll find something you love!
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  • I designed my own, printing them via vistaprint. I went online and found some free fonts and did everything in Word. Have you tried Bride Chicks (or something like that)?
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  • nateandjustine- i found an invite i liked but the background color was too dark. i talked to someone on the chat and she lightened the background quiet a bit.  you can ask if they can do that
  • I'm having the same problem! I want a formal invite with an RSVP, directions, and reception insert. I'm having a hard time finding all that for a reasonable price!

    I might DIY, but I'm not super crafty.
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  • Thanks Southrencutie!! I'll have to look again! I think that I am going to go check out some craft stores to see what they have and see if I can do a dyi with everything precut! I am not good at cutting paper(even with a paper cutter!) 
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  • I'd say wedding paper divas and cardsandpockets for the pocketfolds because that's what I was initially planning on doing.

    There's also digbyandrose and I LOVE their stuff, but be warned that they are NOT cheap, so don't look unless you're prepared for that cost...
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