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Booking Vendors????

What vendors have you ladies already booked for your wedding? I'm just worried that I'm stressing myself out for no reason I still have over a year until my wedding ( July 20th, 2013). I have booked my ceremony, reception, photographer how important do you think the DJ is or when do you think you might start meeting/booking them???
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Re: Booking Vendors????

  • I also have my church, reception venue, and photographer booked. I've been kind of casually looking at DJ's but am not really sure when I am going to get serious enough to book one. Probably within the next few months, we are trying to save as much $$ as possible and I want to be sure I can get the best DJ possible within our budget. 
  • we have church, photographer, reception venue and thats it. I'm not too worried about DJ's or a limo as of yet. I'll probably do that come the year mark..
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  • I'm still working on the vendors.  Hopefully this month or next is when I'll book my reception venue, and the church will be right after that.  My mom is under the impression we can wait a few months, but I want to get the booking stuff out of the way so it's less to worry about.
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  • We have our venue - which includes the ceremony, reception, and catering. Next will be the photographer, followed by the DJ. I'm hoping to have those done by the end of April. 

    Flowers and cake will probably happen over the summer.
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  • Thanks everyone for your input I guess I can stop freaking out now!
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  • We have the reception hall booked and we're just about to sign with our photographer. I guess we have a DJ too, but we haven't signed anything or paid a deposit yet. The guy has us on his calendar though. FI is in charge of that and the DJ is a friend/customer of his. Next is the church but thats going to take a little longer since I want to join the church first. It's more expensive to book as non-members and I've been looking for a church to join anyway. I'm totally waiting on booking other vendors until summer. You are doing just fine and seem to be right on track!
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  • I've got a pretty good idea of who I want but I won't be booking anybody until June or August when we're scheduled to head down that way.
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  • I've got a very good friend who is a wedding photographer and he's offered to shoot our wedding for us for free, so I suppose he's booked.

    Struggling with venues but I suppose I've got loads of time yet.
  • i'm with flutter!! but probably a bit worse for wear...

    i am so full of ideas, but just started executing today at the one year four month mark!! got my STDs, and a bunch of crafty stuff for DIYs ordered. but that's it so far!! we've narrowed down the venue for reception and ceremony to three places, but nothing booked yet. should i be freaking out?

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  • I don't think you should be freaked out do your venue choice's still have your date available??? That's the only reason I have my reception and photographer booked is because the dates were going so fast and we were set on both of those vendors we actually changed our date so we could get them both.
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  • I have the venue booked and my dress. Graduating two months before the wedding so I need to plan and put money back ahead of time!
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    I've booked the church and have the date held with the venue, officant, after party venue and a few photographers. I plan to book the venue in the next two weeks or so and the cater is connected to that. I hope book the photographer about 2-3 weeks after that. Those where my major three I was concerned about. I might look at booking the live band in a month or so. 
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  • Booked: Wedding Planner, Venue, Officiant, Photographer, Videographer, Caterer.  Watched a Band perform last week and seeing them again this weekend (at a wedding this time).  After the Band is booked, I believe Florist will be next.
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  • My wedding is July 27th of 2013 and we already have a lot done too! We have had the venue for ceremony and reception booked for almost 2 months already. We booked the DJ and string quartet like 2 weeks ago and signed the contract for the photographer last night. I'm also working on some DIY projects for the centerpieces and favors and I have appointments set to meet with florists and decorators. My FI and I feel really good about booking everything super early. We feel so much less stressed and every vendor we spoke to had our date available still! Except now I am super excited for the day to come already and I still feel like I have forever to wait!
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