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BBQ Engagement Party

My family asked what kind of engagment party we wanted....we said backyard bbq. I suggested doing hot dogs/hamburgers, my grandmas famous potato salad, and chips. Easy right? Everyone is refusing to be the person bbqing. There will be 40 people at most I just don't see why no one will bbq! Any suggestions because I am ready to do it myself?!

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    Hi there! That's a tough one. Do you think you could get two or three people to split the BBQing duties? That way you don't have one person feeling as if they're missing out on the party.
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    Years ago, my first engagement party, we had a quazi bbq dinner. Both sets of parents made food, even I made a bunch of food and just asked people to byob. We had games, a volleyball net etc..It was very informal, fun and relaxed. I guess if noone steps up in your family jist do it yourself. Thats what I would do.
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    So they asked you what kind of party you wanted but now don't want to host it?  That seems a bit off and a bit backwards.  What is the point of asking if they're not willing to do it?  What part of it are they against?  They could always cater-in BBQ if they're super against cooking it themselves.
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