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Gets me every time!

Yesterday I gave FI a kiss and wrapped my arms around him and said 'I love you, Mr. HisLastName' to which he replied 'I love you Mrs. Future HisLastName' at which point I got all melty in the inside and had a goofy smile on my face. :) Is it next July yet?
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Re: Gets me every time!

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    I wish.. but to be completely honest time is flying by though our weddings will be here in no time at all sometimes when I look at my to-do list I panic because of how long it is.
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    Aww :) So sweet!
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    It's not next July yet, but boy is it coming fast! We got engaged with 20 months to the wedding, and we're really just over a year out now (OK, 14 months, but whatever). I can't believe it!

    We got our draft wills in the mail last week. It talked about our "intended spouse[s]" and I just about melted. I know it was our wills, so it's not exactly a happy thing, but it formally addressed our intent to marry and that was cool (and I'm a dork).
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    Life is good today.
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    I am also getting a bit anxious. Esp reading lal the ladies getting married in the last 2 weeks or so. But my mom and I had a good talk about the time line for planning and she gave me a postive report on how well I am planning! I am ready to see the vision it come to light!
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