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AW: Speaking of cake. . .

FH and I are getting ours for free! :-D 

My dad owns his own commercial kitchen equipment refurbishing/repair company and works with a lot of local bakeries and restaurants. It's not uncommon for my dad's clients to offer part of their payment if giftcards, and my dad sometimes accepts if it's a place he and my mom will go eat or can use as a gift for someone else. Well, one of his bakery clients just had three of her mixers go out and need repair which was going to cost her a TON of money.She was aware that my dad has a daughter getting married, and offered to do my cake to help alleviate some of her upfront costs to get her equipment repaired. He called me to see if I would be interested, and I was a little weary that her cakes might not taste good, or look as nice as I would hope, so I looked her up online. She has won Wedding Wire and Knot awards every year since 2009 and has 4.9/5 star rating with tons of WONDERFUL reviews. I'm so excited! So happy I can knock that $300-$400 off of our bottom line. :)

Re: AW: Speaking of cake. . .

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