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Hallej-freakin-lujah! Its here!

2 weeks ago I called about my dress..they said Tuesday...so on thursday I called again..they said next Tuesday...finally I called today and the girl tells me to call back in 15 minutes..Ive been calling religiously for a month another 15 minutes was nothing. I gave them a half an hour..I call again, they tell me the girl who took my call is nowhere to be found and she'll call me back...fast forward another half an hour...my dress is finally here!! 
I will be picking up my precious on Saturday. Which works out perfect because our parents are meeting for the first time! (well our moms met already at my initial dress shopping extravaganza) So she'll be taking it home with her that evening.

*does the happy dance*
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Re: Hallej-freakin-lujah! Its here!

  • woo woot congrats yay you
  • Pics are a must on saturday, yes?
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    [QUOTE]Pics are a must on saturday, yes?
    Posted by Gabrielle76[/QUOTE]

    Gabs, I work a 12 hr shift tomorrow, have to bake a cake and put together 2 different sides for our dinner tomorrow, so saturday will be spent cleaning the house. The lady told me they are all booked for fittings and such so I'll just pick it up and take it home.  Now you have me thinking to just leave it at FMIL's since my parents live an hour away...
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  • My goodness that's a busy few days!
  • Work is busy now and I rather wait for them to ask me to work OT rather than schedule myself for it..more $$ equals wedding $$ and we can all use more of that :)

    The most Ive ever worked was 109 hrs. never. again. lol
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  • YES!  So happy for you! <3
    Formerly known as flutterbride2b
  • So exciting! Our parents still haven't met. Ugh. 
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