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No more house :(

We had the home inspection today on our house today. Didn't go quite like we were hoping. Turns out the sellers didn't disclose that it had a wood foundation vs. poured or blocked cement. Our insurance company wouldn't give us a reasonable rate on that house and without insurance we can't get a mortgage. We wouldn't have even looked at the house if we knew it was a wood foundation ahead of time. We're trying to get out of the offer now based on that. I'm so disappointed that this isn't working out. FI is completely pissed off. And after we get out of this, we're back to house hunting again. Totally sucks.
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Re: No more house :(

  • hopefully things will work out for the best :)
  • Make sure you get a full disclosure if possible, next time you find something you like. When we were first house hunting we found one that was termite ridden and had no clue until after a showing! After that we made sure to always ask questions even if they seemed silly.
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  • Nooooooo! That's too bad!

    I know it's sad news, but at least you found out about that now vs. a few years from now and suddenly you have to replace the foundation!

    Stay strong! You'll find another house -- and who knows -- maybe you'll love the new one a million times more than this one!
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  • :( So sorry! This must mean there's an even better house out there for you two!

  • So sorry. But yep, there is an even more amazing one waiting for you!!!!

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  • Oh no. Sorry to hear that - we recently lost a house by being outbid on the final day by someone else. Ugh. I totally know the feeling, but at least you know it wasn't meant to be and you will find something better!
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  • Lame. But know that you'll find something better.

    We looked at an adorable house...that was falling into a river (they left that part out of the listing). Suffice to say it just wasn't the home for us, and we love where we ended up instead.
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    Life is good today.
  • Ditto what PP's have said. Everything happens for a reason!
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  • so sorry to hear that but def ditto what PP's have said. Thank god for home inspections!!!!
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