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XP: Checks & Vent !

FI has completed his 1st year of law school! So I finally get to talk to him about wedding stuff after three weeks or not doing so! Sorry this is long. 

- Showed FI mock invite; he liked it. I have already started on 30 of 50!
-Created 2 different versions of our toast glasses & pick one to go with.
-My shoes came in on Friday! I wanted to cry; They are so perfect and make me feel like a bride! 
-Purchased gown hanger with my FI's Last Name! Thanks to a knottie, I got it on sale!
-Talked to venue, don't need to buy a card box or knife/cake server, they have it there!
-Finally picked my flowers for decor: Baby breath, carnations, and roses (not together, dont worry. Just going back to my 1st idea).

To do this week
- (Vent) Start talking about our new selection for officiate. After a year of talking about him doing the wedding, our 1st one just informed us last week he is not comfortable with marrying couples outside of his home church...even though he asked us a year ago...don't get me started. So I am thinking about asking our pre-martial counselor, who assumed he was doing it  anyways (umm, we'll get back to you!). However, there was a little issue with FI and the counselor in the past. Ego issues from both...As men, they addressed it and are still in contact now. But (I knew it would happen) FI said he needed 24 hours to think and pray on it, so hopefully it works out! I pray FI approves! I just this part to be over.
-Meeting with the photog Saturday, hope to put down deposit! I am so excited about her. 
-Putting down deposit on venue! Date become official! Yay!
-Booked my flight to TX for my braces tightening. I am praying I only have one more appointment after this (maybe early July) until they take them off. I am not taking epics in braces, so I pray for me again that my teeth are in good enough shape to come off!

Praise report: My family is super impressed how organized we already are in our wedding planning :)  13 months to go, but I feel really great about things!
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Re: XP: Checks & Vent !

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    Thats a heck of a list. I recently started reworking on the program but haven't decided yet if they'll be a diy or if we're going to have someone do it. Other than that we cant really do much at this point.
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    Yay checks ;)  You guys make me feel like such a slacker.  BUT!  We're one month away from our first vacation of the summer and I hope to get some stuff done while we're down there :)
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    You make me feel like a slacker too! 

    We have a venue (for both ceremony and reception and includes catering and officiant) and a photographer (as of 2 hours ago hah). I haven't even thought about invitations or programs or card boxes or cake knives. I'm starting to think about flowers, a DJ, and my attire, but by starting, I mean I probably won't do anything about it for a while yet.

    We've been engaged since November, so I really have no excuses. Congrats on everything you have done so far!
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