Dance Lessons??!!

I've looked into CCAC classes, and the wedding dance class that we would take is $89 per person for 10 classes.  So $20 per lesson seemed like a little much to me considering we need to miss at least one.  Any other suggestions of where you went?  We would need to be able to take weekend lessons b/c of work/law school scheduling issues.  TIA!! 
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Re: Dance Lessons??!!

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    FI and I got a DVD from Netflix and he burned a copy of it. It's been great.  We practice dance nearly every weekend.  We wanted to take lessons, but couldn't get them to work out with our schedule. I'm glad it didn't because this system is great.
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    How long are the lessons? And are they group lessons or individualized? I think if they are private lessons, that is not a bad price. I know we're in different areas, but we took 1 private hour and a half lesson down here for $100, and I think it was well worth it! I hope you find some way to take lessons, or at least get a DVD like Colleen said. Sorry no recs!
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