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Venue anxiety

At what point to I risk losing my preferred dates in July because they'll be booked already?  Haven't found THE venue yet and FI doesn't seem to have the same sense of urgency for locking a place in.

Re: Venue anxiety

  • Keep pushing on to find your venue!
    I'd say that you only give up on your date when you've found your dream venue and they just don't have those dates available.
    In terms of your FI: He probably just doesn't understand how far in advance things book up... He'd likely be amazed!
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  • It depends on the venue. Some venues get booked 18 mos out, others not until less than 6. You may come to a point where you have to pick between the perfect venue and the perfect date.
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  • I would keep looking till you find out, my FI didnt care at all but I dragged him out there to see them because it was our wedding.

    Where I live, venues book up most of the time atleast a year in advance (in Toronto) and I'm guessing LA is a pretty big wedding market as well. 

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  • It really varies from venue to venue, we booked ours 14 months out and would have done it sooner but they wouldn't let us! The sooner you find The One the more likely it will be available on your date. So keep looking and try not to stress out, we visited I think 7 places before finding our venue.

    My FI doesn't have the same sense of urgency for anything wedding related that we do lol but he listens/gives his opinions, comes to the appointments I've set up, and has even booked some vendor appointments when I asked him to. A lot of people just don't understand that great vendors get booked up fast!
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  • Over 12 months out and our perfect reception venue was taken.  We changed our original date multiple times it seems.  The funniest part is our actual date is the one we wanted years ago when we first started talking about it and we ended up with our church and a completely different reception site.  It's figuring out exactly what you want.  Whats more important to you the date or the venue and if everything is already booked on your date then you make the comprimise.  I'm finding I am having to comprimise on almost everything.  Darn being a big girl lol
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