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Our wonderful FH's, take a minute to brag a little. :)

We do an awful lot of talking about ourselves around  here. And with good reason, we are fabulous brides preparing for a very big day! But, I know we've all got some pretty awesome guys who are the reason we are here. So, take a minute and let us know the most recent awesome thing your FH did for you. :) 

I've got to give some major props to my FH. He worked all day and came home to me, writhing in pain on the couch, suffering from the cramps that get me good every time my period comes around. He didn't skip a beat, I know most guys try and pretend that our menstrual cycle doesn't even exist, but he grabbed me some Motrin, ordered pizza for dinner, and is now out to grab me some ice cream loaded with chocolate. I love him for a million reasons, but one of them has to be how well he takes care of me. Nothing beats feeling cherished and well taken care of. 

Re: Our wonderful FH's, take a minute to brag a little. :)

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    Too funny, I got the chocolate and ice cream treatment tonight as well. FH has been always good to me since day one. Like you said, never skipping a beat. My schedule is always changing days then evenings one week, and v.v the next week. He always waits to eat with me if I'm late coming home or leaves snacks and notes on our diy chalkboard frame hanging up for the nights I have work. I could go on but it's snuggle time and we're in a playful mood :) Thanks for letting me gloat. Good idea! :)
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    I love that my FI knows me inside and out :) He's currently away at Basic Training for the Army, and until yesterday I hadn't gotten a letter from him in two and a half weeks and was starting to feel very disconnected from him. Then the letter I got yesterday was not only the longest I'd gotten so far, and when he told me about how the latest course they would be completing involved crawling under barbed wire at night with live rounds being fired over them, he told me not once, not twice, but three times that he would be perfectly safe and I shouldn't worry. He knows me and my paranoia too well :)

    He made me feel better before I even had a chance to freak out, and even in the midst of all he's going through, he was still concerned about my feelings and my fears. Definitely made up for two and a half weeks of no contact whatsoever!
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    Fi is in law school and doing a summer internship.So he is MAD busy. But he has been really good in making time for us when I visit and looking forward to planning fun things we can do. Last time we went to the art museum and this weekend we will go to the canal and zoo. I know he is busy, but I love he is still making a effort to make time for us. 
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    FI is amazing.  I wasn't feeling to well the other night due to an allergic reaction and was watching a movie with the puppy and him on the couch.  And right after we ate dinner he went to the bedroom grabbed my temper pedic pillow and my stuffed turtle he gave me for my bday at the New Orleans Aquarium and that I still to this day sleep with nightly just to make me feel better.  It's kinda like when I was in a grouchy mood from a long day of work when I came home he put bows in his beard just to make me smile.  He always says that its the bows in the dogs ears that makes me smile every time I see her so he suprised me with the bows in his beard.  I am so lucky to be marrying such an amazing person
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    These are all so sweet!!

    My favorite thing Mike does... hmm...

    He's a landscaper, and works about 5 hours away most of the time, so he's gone 4-5 days and back with me on the weekends, generally. He doesn't have phone service where he stays, so he drives out every night 20 minutes just to call me. I love that! Also, he writes me love letters, which he leaves with me on the weekends so that I can have a piece of him while he's gone. <3<3<3 what a cutie.
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    My FI is in the Air Force and works about 5 miles from my apartment. He sends me email texts to my phone throughout the day to see how I'm doing, show me something funny, or see if I want to join him for lunch or some other activity.

    I have been having a rough week and I keep talking about how I would really love to have the Dance Dance Revolution game again. So, the other day he went out and bought one of the games and a dance pad to go with it. It made me so happy. Unfortunately the dance pad wasn't compatible with the Xbox 360 or our new Wii like the guy at the store said and we had to return it.

    He also rarely lets me cook dinner on my own. I'm not sure if it's because he wants to just spend time with me or he is scared of my cooking. Whenever I start cooking he comes in and starts helping.
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    I looovvvee DDR.  We have it for XBox, PSX, PS2, Wii and a few of those plug&play things, haha.  Its one of the few game franchises I've collected over the years.

    One of the new things my FI has learned to do is *apologize*, which  you'd find a miracle if you knew him in person.  But apparently only to me, lol.  He works crazy shifts at work so I barely get to see him through the week, but he still makes an effort to have a few tender moments with me when possible, despite being super cranky and super tired.  Even when we had our vacation with the kids this past week we still managed to have an afternoon to ourselves where we went out to eat and talked about wedding stuff, and a very memorable romantic night under the stars :)  I'm such a sap for those sort of things!
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