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Yellow and Gray?!

I'm getting mixed reviews about the two colors i've picked so far! I LOVE LOVE LOVE yellow & black but i don't want to have a bumble bee wedding so i thought gray would go good... this is my vision... me-white, groom-light gray, groomsmen- darker gray suit, yellow ties, bridesmaid- yellow (lighter or mustardish) same color & length but whatever style fits and suits them better!  Any thoughts?!

Re: Yellow and Gray?!

  • I LOVE your wedding colors you've chosen!  We're going with orange and gray but there will be tons of yellow, aqua and limey-green incorporated.

    PS. Etsy has some really pretty yellow and gray invitations if you're going that route :)
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  • I am also a July '13 girl and those are my colors as well! I love them because you can dress them up or down, you kow what I mean? Also they have special significance to us.
  • I love the idea, especially if your bridesmaid wore a lighter yellow and held yellow gerbera daisies with cream colored roses or some sort of deeper yellow flower. That would look beautiful in Summer.
     I took David Tutera's advice of taking color spectrums. So I'm incorporating Magenta orchids, Blue orchids, and lavender roses in my wedding. The girls are wearing lavender and holding lavender roses, blue orchids and white roses. My maid and matron of honors will also have a hint of the magenta orchids and my bouquet will have white roses, magenta orchids and lavender roses. My groom :) is wearing a magenta orchid, groomsmen blue orchids, dads lavender rose, and grandpas white rose. It was a stretch but the colors look amazing together. :) Definately do some research it took me a year to get this dilemma settled hahaha. 
  • I think gray and yellow go really well together! I also think that depending on the shade of yellow you decide, you could do black and yellow. Bright yellow and black looks like a bumblebee- but a lighter yellow would look really pretty with black. You could always get fabric swatches and see how the yellow will look with the gray or the black. I also love your idea of the groom being in a lighter shade of gray- makes him stand out! 
  • I think yellow and grey is an interesting color combo and will look really nice. I like the idea of grey tuxes
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