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I did not get any sleep last night!
I kept having these nightmares that I was running late to my wedding and I couldn't get there on time. My mom decided to ignore what I wanted for a dress and just made something completey random. She ended up making a see through skirt.  My sister didn't do my hair how I wanted and instead braided it inside of my mouth (not sure how or why.) And our rings hadn't arrived yet and I was in a panic over it!

Has anybody else had any crazy dreams or nightmares about their wedding?
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Re: Nightmare!

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    not yet.  but mine is over a year away and from what i have read its completely normal.  seems like there been a lot of wedding stuff going on and your brain is processing it by creating scary or weird dreams. 
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    Lol about a wk ago I dreamt that an ex was standing in the church and told me I could'nt marry FI. I looked to my right and he was laying under a table shivering and shaking as if in a seizure. The next thing I knew my mom told me that my dress was damaged so i got changed into jeans and a white tshirt....
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    hahaha i'm trying to picture the braid inside of your mouth. I haven't had any crazy nightmares yet... not looking forward to it!
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    I had a similar dress dream! Before I went wedding dress shopping, I had a dream that my mom, sister, and the family friend who was going with us were all ugring me to buy a dress they had me try on, but the entire top was see through. 

    I've also had dreams that the cake arrives and it completely squashed looking, but everyone insists it's perfect. 

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    I had one of those dreams a month or so ago.  It was kind of horrifying.  Nothing was ready and I was like 4 hours late to my own wedding ceremony.

    Speaking of dreams, a few nights before FI told FSD he was going to propose to me she had a dream about us getting married next to the water.  Haha.  She didn't know of our idea to possibly get married at the spring at that point. 
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