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Summer Theme/July Wedding Ideas?

My colors are blue and yellow and I'm doing Blue Iris and Yellow Cala Lillies.  I want to have a summer feel to the wedding while still being elegant with a modern twist.  I can't seem to find much that will make it a summer wedding without going beach.  Anyone have any ideas?  And what color should I do my shoes the blue or yellow?
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Re: Summer Theme/July Wedding Ideas?

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    Thank you for all your help with the ideas!
    We really did think about the nautical but I didn't like the cheesy new england feel to it.  We are very traditional and from Lousiana it just wouldn't have fit the atmosphere and tropical weather we have.  Now if I did more of a tropical feel it would work.  My FI is a mechanical engineering major who is a outboard tech and has grown up on boats.  In fact he is starting to race boats this summer with his dad who apparently used to be the best in the 80's.

    But the FI and I finally figured it out ladies!!  I am going to use Honey Bees with a Meant to Bee theme.  We love the idea of honey and bees and the cute phrase meant to bee.  Also the Honey Bee is Louisiana's state insect and as it turns out has many special meanings for weddings and love.  It will be perfect with our Louisiana Blue Iris, our spiked lemonaide and Southern Sweet Tea, and our Nutra Rat Grooms Cake right lol.

    Below is the actual tag I created and we will use unless we decide to go with a more realistic Bee.  We haven't decided on the Bee style just yet and the writing is actually Royal Blue not Black.  I'm going to have Bee's hidden all around and have honey favors with a wodden dipper. some honey inspired food like brie with pecans and honey, and tea with honey and spiked lemonaide.  I will have my royal blue shoes and the girls will have yellow shoes to pop against their royal blue dresses.  What does everyone think?  I hope its not to much color I will have white in the mix to break it up some.  Like the girls bouqets will have white calla lilies or fressia in it just to contrast all the bright blue and yellow.  Then the cake will be white with a blue ribbon and yellow dots and a few chocolate bees on the corners of the tiers.  I really hope I don't over do it. 

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