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What's your....

First dance song?

Fi picked Jason Mraz I Won't Give Up. I love it and everytime I hear it I picture us dancing. I cant wait!!!
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Re: What's your....

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    no clue im not sure we going having dancing.  we havent really talked bout it actually
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    Right now, I've selected my fav jazz song, "In a Sentimental Mood" with John Coltrane.
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    No idea, I know most of the ceremony muic, but I can't find anything that feels 'right' for the first dance.  I really like "A thousand years" by Christina Perri, but it feels a little morbid.  idk
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    Our's is Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You.  Haven't decided the version.  You know the song that Heath Leger sings in 10 things I hate about you. Lauren Hill also sings it.  I've loved that song before the movie and I have always sang it to FI.  If we don't do that because it's a little hard of a tempo and FI may not be able to figure out how to lead we might do some Etta James At Last since we will be together 6 years by then lol

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    I don't know.  I've been wondering about this and my dance with my dad.  I don't plan on having dancing at our tiny reception aside from three basic traditional dances so...yeah.  It'll probably be:  Dinner, mingle, cake cutting, 1st dance, DDD, MSD, eat cake :D, more mingle 
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    this is my FAVORITE song! :)

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    [QUOTE]Right now, I've selected my fav jazz song, "In a Sentimental Mood" with John Coltrane.
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