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Can't Decide on Wedding Colors

Hi Ladies,

I posted a poll to the chit chat forum asking for help with choosing my wedding colors. I did this before I realized there was a community for July weddings. I'm asking for your help and votes in this poll.


Thank you! I would grealty appreciate it Smile
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Re: Can't Decide on Wedding Colors

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    I voted on option 1, but only cause orange is my fav color! :
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    I said o & p, but yellow and teal looks so nice in my head as well.
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    I vote for orange and pink....only because I'm orange and fuscia(pink) in July 2013 and I loveeee the way things are coming along so far!! The only thing I cannot decide on is what colors for the bridesmaid dresses?
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    I LOVE the orange and pink...go for it! I actually decided to do a dark pink (fuschia) light pink and silver after some convincing from my mom. I would love to have my bridesmaids in pink!!
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