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Whats to early for Save the Dates?  Trying to figure out if we should do them now or wait a few months.  It is over a year away
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Re: Save the Dates

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    I personally think over a year is too far out.  Most people have no clue what they'll be doing in a year and they're more likely to forget then!  I think most places suggest 9-11 months out.
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  • Thats exactly what I was worried about people forgetting.  i know I would unless I had some big old magnet on my fridge.  Which I do want to do magnets but I'm afraid thats going to be to expensive and I would rather spend it elsewhere like on some comfy shoes
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  • Hey, we're date twins! :)

    Speaking of which, given that your wedding will be 4th of July weekend, it might not be a bad idea to go a little overboard on the early STDs. Maybe not right now, but I would go for it around the year mark. That's my plan, anyway!

    And I'll probably go for magnets, too. I found some pretty reasonable prices on magnetstreet.com and I've read about some good experiences on another forum.

    Yay for July 5!
  • Most people suggest 6-9 months for weddings under normal circumstances, up to 1 yr if you're doing something nontraditional like a DW or weekday wedding where people need more notice to make travel arrangements and take time off of work.

    Also, I would skip sending anything the later part of November or the entire month of December for fear it would get set aside/mixed in with Holiday stuff and forgotten.
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  • I'm chomping at the bit to send out mine too. It's mostly due to it being in the summer and I don't want people to have scheduled their vacations or be going to the beach or something that weekend.  For a holiday in the summer, that's doubly stressful so I would do it about a year out as suggested above.

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    magnet street magnets are awesome!!! They come in an amazing box too. We live in San Diego but most of our guests are coming from the east coast so we are going to send them out around the one year mark :) If you sign up for magnetstreet coupons come all the time. I got 20% off our save the dates  ;)
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