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Let them eat cake!

My fiance and I had a cake tasting on Friday and have one more today with another baker (so much fun!!)

So I've been asking around to see what people's favorite cake flavors are and everyone is all over the place! I've heard marble, rum, german chocolate, passionfruit, strawberry, etc.

So I'm curious, what is your favorite kind of cake and what kind of cake are you planning to serve at your wedding?
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Re: Let them eat cake!

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    I'm a chocolate girl, all the way! Believe it or not though, not all of my friends/family who are invited to the wedding, like chocolate... so I'm thinking we will have a layer of chocolate, and a layer of something lighter with fruit.
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    Playing it safe with Vanilla. I wanted Red Velvet, as our baker makes it like none other, but nope. 
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    Love me some red velvet! Haven't chosen cake flavors yet.
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    We havent chosen yet but have like 10 flavors to pick from. I love me some red velvet. However for the wedding I want to do butter rum with some kind of fruit flavor middle and have our top tier be red velvet with cream cheese icing. The top is the only thing Im dead set on!
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    We already chose the flavors. I want each layer something different.
    One layer has two layers of vanilla cake filled with strawberry flavored butter cream. One has two layers of european chocolate cake filled with raspberry buttercream. The third has swirled vanilla and european chocolate filled with strawberry.

    My mom thinks we should do something without berry filling. But, we are also having a sweets table so if they dont like that they have many choices.

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    FI is OBSESSED with red velvet with cream cheese frosting...I'm more of a purist...Chocolate cake with Vanilla/White frosting mmmmmm... so we're going to do a single round cake for cutting and then get cupcakes in red velvet,vanilla and chocolate :)
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    We're going to have a 4(ish) tier cake, so we're going to have 4 flavors to pick! I think red velvet is going to be one for sure. Probably a lemon-raspberry or something fruity, a vanilla, and I don't know what else!

    We're going to have a grooms cake at the RD - probably a chocolate expresso or something. He is obsessed with coffee
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