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So much has happened

It feels like forever since I have been able to get on and talk to you girls.  I know it will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I have talked to everyone.  I have been so busy though and had so many good and bad things happen in my life. 

1: Booked our church 
2: On the same day we booked the church I recieved a promotion to Office Manager for the company I work for.  This will mean a pay raise but we haven't discussed the amount yet.  We just hired the new girl today so we have been a little busy with other things. And will continue to be crazy busy until everyone is trained.
3: Must find new store to get bridesmaid dresses from.  The store here in town is officially closing. Found this one out today.
4: My favorite cousin and one of our groomsmen got into a very serious accident.  He fell asleep at the wheel and flipped the car multiple times.  If he didn't have his seat belt on he would be the second cousin I have lost to a car accident.
5:House sat and dog sat for aunts and mom while they where in New York.
6:Fiance made the decision and officially kicked his older brother out of the wedding due to another incident with older brother and various drugs
7: Went to boat race to watch fiance and FFI compete and come out second in their class.
8: Reached goal weight this weekend
9: Birthday tomorrow!! Which will be awesome even though FI has a final from 6-9 pm.

So to say the least I am oversall happy with the past couple of weeks. Had a few major speedbumps but overall amazing
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Re: So much has happened

  • Oh my! You are one busy girl. First off I hope your family makes it through this difficult time. Thank God for seatbelts, thats all I have to say. My prayers are with you.
    Secondly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thirdly, congrats on your new job!!  =)
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  • happy birthday!!!! prayers with you and family
  • You've been busy!

    Happy Birthday, congrats on your checks, your weight loss & your promotion.

    I hope your cousin gets better soon and I hope your FI can & his brother can get past whatever issues they have :(
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  • Oh my goodness, that is a lot! I am glad that you still think it's been an amazing couple of weeks, though :) Hopefully soon it can be all good and no bad!
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