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September 2012 Weddings


Just made an appointment to go put the down payment on the hall on friday!  We finally have a date set for Sept 8, 2012.  It is all starting to feel real now! <3
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Re: Excited!!!

  • Yay! We're going to start looking at places this weekend and next weekend. We want to have a place booked by June, July at the very latest. I'm so excited!!! We might already have our photographer, I'm just waiting to hear back from the lady about setting up a meeting to talk packages. :)

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  • Congrats! We just got a call from our first choice and as soon as I sign the contract and put the deposit down (probably on Monday), we're set for Sept 1, 2012!! It definitely makes it seem more real!

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  • Very exciting! The venue is a big check for sure!

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  • Our date is Sept 8th also!!!  We have the venue booked and deposit down! 

    It does make it feel more "real"!!

  • Congrats!  We're Sept. 8th too.  Getting a place booked is such a weight off your shoulders.  The rest will be a piece of cake Cool

    Everywhere we looked in October only had 3 Saturday nights available for the entire summer and fall of 2012 so we were lucky to get a place!
  • congrats! it was a huge sigh of relief when i booked our place...and absolutely made everything seem real! :)

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  • It still doesn't quite feel real - I've booked the venue, photographer, and DJ and it still hasn't hit me.  I'm waiting for it...

    I have a feeling it'll hit me when I try on wedding dresses.  Better make sure I don't wear mascara or whatever dress I try on will be covered with black tear streaks!



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