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Cross Posted: Bridal Luncheon?

My aunt is hosting my bridal luncheon the same day as my bachelorette party, so out of towners only have one trip to make. My questions are:

1. Who all gets invited? I know that the moms and bridesmaids do. What about flower girls? Readers for the ceremony? Anybody else?

2. What time should it start? My bridesmaids are being pretty secretive about the bachelorette party, so I don't know what time that is starting. Should the luncheon be late morning, such as 11:00 or later afternoon, around 2:00?

3. Is the luncheon an acceptable place to give the bridesmaids and flower girls their gifts? I'm having their jewelry handmade, so I was thinking of giving it to them early (the luncheon is two weeks before the wedding) in case it doesn't fit, I can have it altered before the wedding.

4. If readers/other involved parties are invited am I to get them gifts as well?

Any information I can get my hands on is much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Re: Cross Posted: Bridal Luncheon?

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    I don't have any plans yet so I'm not much help, but I think that would be a perfect time to give them the jewelry.  I actually gave my bridesmaids the jewerly I handmade for them this past weekend at my shower (I knew about it in advance) because I was concerned about the fit of the bracelets, but I definitely could have saved it for lunch.  Oh well.
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