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September 2012 Weddings

Accountability - Wednesday

Yesterday was our day off, Tuesdays always are. We finish work, wolf down dinner and then run off for a business meeting until 11pm. Rather than stressing about fitting a workout in, we just schedule it as a day off right off the bat lol

Tonight is a strength night. FI bought me a new medicine ball, so I think I'll be doing it at home going through the medicine ball workout that my friend drafted for me :) Back to Day 2 of 3 this week on C25K tomorrow.

How are things going for you ladies? I haven't measured myself in awhile, maybe do that tomorrow morning.... Any accomplishments out there?

Today's Inspiration Picture:

BTW for those that like the Inspiration pictures, they can all  be found on my Pinterest, I have a board called Fitness Inspiration :)

Re: Accountability - Wednesday

  • i've been trying to get back into doing intervals, because i think that's the best i can do with my time. i'd love to do longer runs, but dan and I go to the gym together and we are only there for an hour and 15 minutes or so, and i like to fit in stretching and abs too, so 30-40 minutes really isn't enough for a good long run.

    i've also been focusing on doing more abs. i used to always just do 1 set each of a bunch of different exercises, but now i'm focusing on doing 3 sets each of 5-6 exercises.
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  • I bought Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 last week.  Did it for the second time last night and am loving it.  Bought it because of this thread so thanks ladies!  Have day 2 of the 100 pushup challenge tonight (thanks for the inspiration, Dirty!) and will do some back work to counter that.  That'll probably be it though since I have a midterm tomorrow :-/

    FI is a stregth and conditioning coach and said too many pushups will cause you to slouch if you don't do some back work with it as an FYI to everyone!  Guess I should also offer that if anyone ever has a pressing exercise question I'd be happy to ask FI for you!

    I'm happy with what the scale reads but I am trying to tone up and I am starting to see some definition show up when I was doing JM last night.   You can see it when my arm muscles are in contraction but not too much when they aren't.  If only I could carry 5 lbs dumbells around the wedding. 

    Kelly- not sure what your fitness goals are but I always found when I was looking to drop weight a little that interval cardio is the best for that.  It keeps your body guessing which = fat burning. 
  • Yesterday I finally made it back to the gym and ran 4 miles.  Kelly, we have a similar issue with time constraints at the gym (by the time I get home and we get there yadda yadda).  I do interval training because like you said I feel like I get the best workout doing that.  I did some abs and stretching along with my run.

    Tonight I will lift some weights, do some abs and light cardio if I can... 20 minutes of each if possible.

    Also, I ate decent yesterday and I'm on a good track today so hopefully I can keep it up!
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    I like:
    - reverse flies (hinge at the wasit with your hands in front of you and pull your arms out to the side until they are in line with your back....can't get onto youtube for a video since I'm at work but if you don't know what I'm talking about, let me know and I'll find you a video when I get home tonight)
    - supermans (lay on stomach...SQUEEZE YOUR BUTT...then lift arms and legs.  the butt squeeze is super important to not messing up the way your butt, hamstrings, and back activate during activities) and variations of it (just your arms, just the legs, flutter kicks with the legs, "swimming")
    -and idk what it is called but I'll try my best to explain.  You have a small/medium exercise ball and put both hands on it one over the other while you lay face down.  Squeeze your butt and you use the ball to roll your upper body up and hold for a few seconds and roll back down.  It is similar to superman but you have to stabilize on the ball and you keep your feet down.  Make sure you switch which hand is on top too.

    Besides with pushups (works your chest so your upper back is opposite) you want to do back exercises with ab work (opposite is your lower back).  FI says ab:back ratio should be 4:1.  Until he told me when we met about working my back it never occurred to me to do back which is silly because I'd never do my biceps without doing my triceps.  Makes sense why I had years of back pain!

    Asked FI for more options since I like to mix it up.  I see him this weekend (yay) so I should be able to get you more next week.
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