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September 2012 Weddings

August To-Dos

We're getting closer, ladies!!!  For some of us (me, for example), August is the last month we have to get things done.  Others have part or most of September still for finalizing details.

What did you get done from your July To-Dos?

What do you plan to get done in August?

Which to-do items are highest priority, and which ones can you let drop if you run out of time?



Re: August To-Dos

  • calindicalindi member
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    For July, I said:

    - Receive RSVPs and track in spreadsheet (RSVP date is July 31st, so hunting down no-replys will be in August)
    - Print & cut menu cards
    - Glue lace to jars
    - Create escort card display (gold painted frames with lace strung across)
    - Meet with officiant and finalize ceremony
    - Finalize the design & print ceremony programs, cut & assemble into fans
    - Attend shower (July 15th)
    - Write thank you notes for shower
    - Dress fittings
    - Make sure FI's uniform and suit fit
    - Make sure groomsmen all have suits (and military groomsman has appropriate uniform items)

    - Create bathroom boxes
    - Create welcome bags
    - Finalize details for rehearsal dinner
    - Finalize details for day-after barbecue

    So for August, broken down by week, I have:

    Today - August 5th
    - Finish escort card display
    - Create table number signs
    - Create signs for drinks / menu / programs / guest book
    - Finish & order guest book
    - Print & cut menus
    - Update budget
    - Print & assemble activity books
    - Do wine & beer tasting - make selections
    - Send payments due August 15th
    - Order floating lanterns
    - Contact bus company, have FIL send check to pay for shuttle
    - Have MIL put deposit down for rehearsal dinner

    August 6 - August 12

    - Meet with videographer (Aug 10th)
    - Track down all missing RSVPs
    - Glue lace to jars
    - Glue lace to fishbowl for cardbox
    - Finalize program design - print & assemble
    - Make & print label for card bowl
    - Create bathroom boxes
    - Create welcome bags
    - Make sure FI's uniform and suit fit
    - Finalize details for
    rehearsal dinner
    - Finalize details for day-after barbecue

    August 13 - August 19
    - Give final number to caterer & rental company (for chairs)
    Create seating chart
    - Speak with & confirm all wedding vendors - explain timeline, give them DOC's phone #
    - Create detailed itemized list of where things go, vendors & contact info, timeline to DOC

    August 20 - August 26
    - Print escort cards & assemble escort card display
    - Finalize honeymoon plans
    - Write thank you notes for all gifts received to this point
    - Buy champagne for Anniversary Dance
    - Buy, print & assemble cheat sheet for ceremony officiant, readers
    - Print & iron on logos to t-shirts for kickball game
    - Get engagement ring re-dipped

    August 27 - August 30

    - Pack for wedding weekend (rehearsal dinner, getting ready, wedding, day-after kickball game, following day of relaxation with FI at B&B)
    - Final hair color appointment



  • Wow, I got overwhelmed looking at your list.... Good for you for being so organized!

    - Ordered Fiance's suit/GM's ties/pocketsquares
    - Bridal Shower
    - Invites sent/RSVP's started coming in
    - Started dance lessons
    - Finalized menu/finalized a lot of decor and technical stuff for the wedding
    - My parent's gift ordered
    - Chose favors
    - Dress fttings 

    I'm sure there is more but I can't think of them right now

    - Ordger groomsmen suits (Biggest priority probably)
    - Finalize music selections with string quartet/Dj
    - Decide on head table flowers
    - Finalize rehearsal dinner menu 
    - Decide style for table numbers/escort cards 
    - Finalize ceremony readings/selections 

    I'm hope I'm not forgetting anything.... Our RSVP date isn't until Sept 1 so I feel like the wirlwind will come after that!

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  • smartlyprettysmartlypretty member
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    I got everything done that I wanted to in July-woot for productivity!

    -call hotel (CHECK)
    -shop for bridesmaid gifts (CHECK)
    -first dress fitting (CHECK)
    -set up shuttle with hotel (CHECK)
    -finalize ceremony (CHECK)
    -final payment to florist (CHECK)
    -talk schedule with photog (CHECK)
    -final payment to photog (CHECK)
    -get marriage license (CHECK)
    -final details meeting with my venue (CHECK)
    -final payment to officiant (CHECK)
    -final payment to quartet (CHECK)
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  • Holy cow, it can't be August, can it??? But, that means September is next AHHH!!!

    What I did in July:

    • Got all invites out and started getting them back
    • Finalized menu/ all decisions with Caterer and Designer
    • Paid off just about everyone... Just the last payment to the caterer which requires a final guest count...
    • Bought Fiance his tux
    • Bought antique lace hankies for the moms as a gift.
    • Figured out attire for ALL the parents (which was HUGE!)
    • Started dance lessons (which are so much fun!)
    • Picked out music for our reception 
    • Figured out the timeline to the best of our abilities
    • Did Hair Trial and engagement photos
    • Found/figured out my something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
    • Got our wedding rings!
    August To Do's

    • Make Ceremony Program
    • Finish sewing veil.... 
    • Accessories for bride and groom
    • Dress fitting and trials (woman was really booked so it's really late!!)
    • Final premarital counseling sessions
    • Book a honeymoon (waiting to hear from a job to book this for timing reasons)
    • Pick a signature drink
    • Get all our RSVP's in (hopefully by EOM!)
    • Get wedding rings engraved
    • Start getting gel manicures eom (so nails are pretty and grown out for wedding)
    • Keep weight where it is, tone up arms a bit (have lost 22 pounds, so I'm pretty ok with where my weight is.)
    • Enjoy the fact that my Fiance is putting together our seating chart.

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  • From July: 
    • Assemble and mail out invites (this weekend so hopefully before July 1st!)
    • Track RSVPs
    • Engagement photos (finally!) July 1st
    • Finish deciding on song list
    • Meet with videographer
    • Meet with lighting guy, day of coordinator, and reverend (all on July 14th!)
    • Meet with florist (or phone discussion to finalize everything)
    • Finish designing/ order guestbook
    • Work on designs for placecards/ table numbers/ favor stickers
    • Finalize rehearsal dinner menu
    • Order rest of BMs/ GMs/ parents' gifts
    • Figure out my and FI accessories
    • Dance lessons?

    For August (!!!): 
    Meet with florist and pick up marriage certificate (August 3rd)
    Finish guestbook
    Receive escort cards and write everyone's names on them...
    Finish table numbers
    Order favors and put labels on them
    Buy earrings and potentially a bracelet
    Finish putting together BMs/ GMs/ parents' gifts
    Seating chart
    And final payments
    Put together timeline/ vendor contact info reference 
    2nd dress fitting on August 18th
    Bachelorette stuff on August 11th

    I'm so excited September is almost here!!! 
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  • celticmysscelticmyss member
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    I can't believe some of you are nearing the 1 month mark! That's both exciting and terrifying. 

    I got most of my to do list from last month done. The big highlights include:
    Getting FH his outfit, finally
    Mailing invitations
    Figuring out the flower plan
    Deciding on almost all of the thank you gifts

    First Half of August To Dos:
    Finalize ceremony (I have an aversion to working on this)
    Decide if I want a sash (not going to get one)
    Send final payment for rental house
    Get all non-perishable floral supplies
    Finalize packaging for favors
    Order all remaining thank you gifts
    Get any other accessories I need 
    Order ties for FH and BM
    Figure out what his BM is going to wear
    Reserve rental car
    Possibly order new jewelry (I don't love what I have but I can't return them)
    Email friend about having brunch at her restaurant

    Second Half of August To Dos:
    Get marriage license 
    Order flowers
    Meet with photographer
    Buy chocolate for favors
    Get my outfit for the after party
    Get a revised estimate from venue
    Figure out plan for after party
    Break in my shoes
    Find a set of speakers we can use for ceremony
    Figure out boutonniere 

    I feel like I am buried under a pile of tiny details but none of them are things that can really be skipped. We already cut out anything that we considered extraneous.  

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  • jacquiroxxjacquiroxx member
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    Here's what I have planned for August (broken down by weeks until the wedding)

    Left From Previous Months/Weeks:
    -Book/help coordinate RD
    -Buy gifts for GM- this is ALL Chris, or it'd be done by now haha
    -Buy ink pads, wet wipes, and baskets for guest book table
    -Buy the rocks for the bottom of the dinner centerpieces
    -Buy lanterns and candles for the dance floor/cocktail hour centerpieces
    -Choose napkin presentation
    -Order groom's cake
    -Choose important reception music (just need mother/son dance & bridal party/parents entrance)
    -Make do not play list (a work in progress, we add songs if we think of them)
    -Schedule rehearsal (completely depends on the RD, which FIL's haven't planned yet)
    -Design & assemble table numbers

    July 30th to August 5th (7 weeks to go!)
    -Bridal shower on August 5th

    August 6th to August 12th (6 weeks to go!)
    -August 11th: Veronica's bachelorette party (the bride who's wedding I'm in 2 weeks before mine)
    -Final meeting with DJ to discuss special songs, do not play list, etc.
    -Write thank you notes for shower gifts
    -Schedule third dress fitting for next week

    August 13th to August 19th (5 weeks to go!)
    -Third dress fitting
    -Dye crinoline
    -Take rings to be engraved if we decide we want them engraved
    -Take e-ring to be re-ripped
    -Arrange transportation to/from honeymoon
    -Buy contents for emergency kits (just need hair gel/hair spray)
    -Send thank you notes for bridal shower
    -Make a list of "must take" photos and refine as we get RSVPs
    -Meet with photographer to go over schedule & must takes
    -Coordinate & print day-of timeline.  Print enough copies for everyone who needs one.

    August 20th to August 26th (4 weeks to go!)
    -August 20th: Deadline for RSVPs
    -August 23rd: Apply for marriage license
    -Send final schedule events to vendors
    -Start working on seating chart as final RSVPs come in
    -Review honeymoon reservations and make reservations for dinner spots, excursions, etc.
    -Make shopping list & go shopping for anything needed for honeymoon
    -Send rehearsal/RD invites
    -Book mani/pedi for day before the wedding
    -Finish writing vows

    August 27th to September 3rd (3 weeks to go!)
    -Contact those who haven't sent RSVPs
    -Make arrangements for Maddi & Akira for the wedding weekend
    -Write toasts for RD
    -Buy champagne glasses if we didn't get the ones we registered for (we got them)
  • For July, I got the items in red done:
    Finish invitation pockets, stamp RSVPs, stuff, and send
    Get undergarments for dress
    Finally decide on shoes before my fitting
    First dress fitting on 7/19
    Finish thank yous for shower last weekend
    Shower on July 14
    Thank you notes for shower

    Finish getting gifts for wedding party/readers/etc.  (I did work on)
    Meet with officiant to discuss ceremony (Scheduled, at least)
    Meet with DJ to pick out more music
    Schedule hair trial (talked about)

    I guess that moves some things to the August list:
    Continue to get gifts for WP
    Meet with officiant (set up for Aug 1)
    Meet with DJ
    Schedule hair trial (talked with my friend doing my hair, am not too worried, she's good)
    Make sure the fathers get measured for tuxes
    Second fitting on Aug 23
    Finish bows for aisles
    Finish placecards for meals
    Order bulk flowers (2nd or 3rd week of August)
    Meet with Florist to finalize (August 15)
    RSVP date August 14: Call stragglers after August 21
    Give caterer/venue numbers on August 31 
    Pay venue final payment August 31
    Finalize/Print programs
    Get Marriage License
    Bachelorette Party on August 25 Laughing
    Make schedule for day of, send to WP
    Order sixlets for favors
    Put favors together
    Finish placecards as RSVPs come in
    Book rental cars for honeymoon
    Book airline tickets for travel Trinidad to Tobago/back
    Finish the set of 3 facials
    Decide whether I will spray tan for wedding
    Make list for honeymoon packing

    Now I feel a bit more stressed seeing the list!  But it's managable.
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  • kellycatalokellycatalo member
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    i love the week to week idea, so i'm copying you guys.

    July 29 - August 4
    1. Meet with reception hall coordinator to pick out/finalize linens (8/1)
    2. make final payment for videographer & photographer
    3. submit final counts to florist (8/4)
    4. finalize order for cupcakes (8/4)
    5. get haircut (8/4)
    6. spraypaint birdcages
    7. RSVP deadline - have parents start contacting those that we havent received RSVP's from (8/1)
    8. send RD invites and email out info for the rehearsal & readings (8/1)
    9. order placecards (8/4)
    10. make final payment for HM
    11. send thankyou's from shower/bachelorette weekend ASAP

    August 5 - August 11
    1. finish all books & order for my dad
    2. order dan's dad's present
    3. start working on seating chart if possible
    4. finish cropping all pictures & put together slideshow
    5. stamp programs & make menu cards
    6. have second fitting

    August 12 - August 18
    1. finalize all songs & practice our first dance
    2. pay final DJ balance
    3. pay final florist balance
    4. work on escort cards
    5. buy camera
    6. buy luggage
    7. buy perfume for day of

    August 19 - August 25
    1. have final fitting (8/22)
    2. dan's 25th birthday
    3. pay photobooth final balance
    4. finish escort cards
    5. make any last changes to dinner options
    6. pack everything to give to reception hall

    August 26 - August 31
    1. meet with reception hall coordinator and give her everything & place final order & make last payment
    2. my dad's 61st birthday
    3. make all final payments the day of : church, musician, limo, priest, altar servers, etc.
    4. pack for the day of
    5. pack for the honeymoon
    6. bridesmaids luncheon & nails
    7. rehearsal & RD
    8. finalize limo locations & times & pay final balance
    9. get eyebrows done
    10. get ring cleaned
    11. take home dress (8/30)
    12. make bridal hoodie
    13. give final counts for RD
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  • Katiesue04Katiesue04 member
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    Hopefully in some kind of order
    Memorial Table print out saying with deceased grandparents
    Photo arrangement(get to photographer by end of this week!)
    Confirm songs with DJ need to fill out form online(by end of week)
    Getting the final count to flower lady by August 7th! So I can send my deposit in!(sent final count just need final cost to send!)
    Name Tags!
    Make order for family tables
    wrap guys gifts
    day of events
    mail out rehersal invites
    cake pops(2 weeks prior)
    get final count and payment to reception lady(August 29th)
    Make final list of songs for ceremony confirm final details dj(2 weeks prior)
    Final Fitting August 9th!
    Marriage Liscense August 10th(pick up after 20th)
    Get my hair cut and dyed a week before
    maybe one more updo practice?
    call to get nails done prior to rehersal dinner
    pick up wedding dress August 31st
    order subs for girls getting hair done at the salon.
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    For July I got almost everything done:

    -Send out invites (mid July) - DONE 28July12
    -Finalize catering - meeting scheduled for 04Aug12
    -Dress fitting and alterations - final fitting 7/20
    -First facial appointment
    -Pool Party for bridal party - 7/14
    -Party from FIs family - 7/21
    -Dance lessons - Started 7/9
    -Hair/Make up Trial - reschedule consultation 7/21
    -Bridal Portraits - rescheduled for 8/7

    -Gifts for bridal party and parents
    -First waxing appointment
    -Make push pins for escort card display
    -FIs mom DIY'd cake topper
    -FI work on grid for chinese lanterns above dance floor
    -First meeting with officate
    -Purchase ribbon for cake
    -Meet with florist 7/21
    -Gifts for groomsmen (flasks)
    -Paid off honeymoon
    -Meet with photographer 7/22

    For August:
    -Finalize catering (04Aug12 need to reschedule due to illness in caterer's family)
    -RSVPs due 24Aug12, call those who haven't responded
    -Gifts for bridal party and parents
    -Bridal Portraits (07Aug12)
    -Hair/Makeup Trial (07Aug12)
    -Bachlorette Weekend (23Aug12- 26Aug12)
    -Meet with DJ (13Aug12)
    -Work on day of timeline (Started)
    -Marriage license sometime after 15Aug12
    -Decide on ceremony music and get in touch with musicians
    -Final payment to venue
    -Buy ink pads, wet wipes, and something for trash to use with fingerprint tree
    -Order dinner napkins
    -Order plates, silverware and glasses
    -Start working on seating chart and escort cards
    -One last groomsmen to be fitted for his suit
    -Figure out how we're going to do table numbers (oval wood pieces from AC Moore, and stencil on numbers)
    -Thank you notes for pool party
    -Thank you notes for Luau
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  • July
    Invites Arranged, Addressed & Sealed

    Groomsman Attire Chosen & Fitted
    1st Dress Fitting
    BM 1st Fitting
    Escort Cards Made
    Seating Chart Started
    Make Card Box (FI Project)

    Send Out Invites (Aug 1)
    Track RSVP & con't revising Seating Chart
    Attend Shower (Aug 5)
    Write/Mail Shower Thank Yous
    Meet With Caterer (Aug 15)
    Meet With Church Wedding Coordinator (Aug 15)
    Meet With Priest
    Meet With Florist
    Meet With DJ
    Meet With Photographer
    Hair Trial
    Rehearsal Dinner Details: Caterer Contract; Guest List
    Arrange Transportation
    Buy Undergarments; Veil; Jewelery
    Second Fitting
    Make Table Numbers (FI Task)
    Centerpieces (Order Vases)
    Complile Music Lists
    Welcome Bags? (Design and start buying)
    Decide on Parent Gifts
    Collect Pics For Family Table

    I need to stop procrastinating on some of these, problem is for some I need to take time off and its hard for me to do that, I've already taken so much already!

  • I originally was not going to post this list, because it's going to blow my mind!!! But, I love lists. . .

    August to-do's
    -FI's suit
    -finish registry
    -select church readings
    -start design and maybe order programs
    -RD - finalize menu and guest list
    -WP gifts
    -Parents' gifts
    -make music lists for DJ
    -timeline for day of
    -meet with deacon?
    -cake - finalize flavors & pay
    -favors - finalize & pay
    -decide on guest book
    -decide on card box
    -hair trial (8/11)
    -makeup trial - schedule
    -second fitting?
    -order GM's ties
    -reception decor - finalize & order
    -flowers - finalize & pay (8/4)
    -research license information
    -attend bridal shower (not mine) - 8/18
    -attend baby shower - 8/25

    And maybe breathe if I have time. :)
  • edited August 2012
    Week of 7/29 thru 8/4:
    1. Dress Fitting- DONE!!
    2. Premarital Counseling Sessions # 5 & 6- Done!
    3. Go over ceremony with Pastor-DONE!
    4. Final Meeting with DJ-DONE!
    5. Purchase all craft supplies from Michael's- DONE
    6. Start working on stamping napkins (if doing)- DONE
    7. Finish & mail thank you cards from shower. -DONE
    8. Buy ferry ticket for honeymoon!-DONE!
    9. Buy items for centerpieces-DONE!
    11. Finalize programs, signs for bathroom baskets,  & e-mail programs to designer for final touches by 8/3- DONE!

    Week of 8/5 thru 8/11:
    1. Confirm after party at Eli Cannon's- DONE
    2. Confirm parking plan with WP-DONE!
    3. FI's bachelor party (8/10 to 8/12)- DONE
    4. Set up DIY night to work on projects- DONE!!
    5. Book mani/pedi appointment for ladies- DONE
    6. Start to break in shoes- DONE
    7. Bring cake topper to baker- Done!
    8. Check that insurance policy covers rings & gifts- DONE!!
    9. Gifts for readers, flower girl, ring bearer, stationary designer, and ushers- DONE!
    10. Go to dollar store & purchase items: baskets for bathrooms, picture frames, glass beads, and gift bags.
    11. Work on itenary & gather important phone #s needed.- DONE
    12. Schedule hair & make-up trials- DONE
    13. Go over bible passages with ceremony readers- DONE
    14. Meet with photographer- DONE!

    Week of 8/12 thru 8/18:
    1. Track down any RSVPs not received (deadline 8/10)-DONE!
    2. Send out RD invites-DONE!
    3. Start putting all day of items needed into boxes-DONE!
    4. Put together bathroom baskets & centerpieces -DONE!
    5. Revise seating chart as needed & finalize-DONE
    6. Work on excel spreadsheet for venue-DONE
    7. Work on DIY projects-DONE!
    8. Wrap gifts for BMs- DONE
    9. Drop off scrap material from dress alterations to florist for my bouquet wrap. 
    10.Confirm order & payment amount due with florist-DONE!
    11. Work on seating chart/place cards-DONE!

    Week of 8/19 thru 8/25:
    1. Get marriage license
    2. Confirm with all vendors & venue the time vendors can arrive to set up at venue. 
    3. Confirm with venue who will be the day of on-site coordinator. 
    4. Finish all DIY projects remaining 
    5. Send preliminary headcount to venue by 8/24. 
    6. Work on RD toasts
    7. Work on vows (if saying our own, deciding once we discuss ceremony with pastor) 
    8. Book bike tour for honeymoon!- DONE!!!
    9. Confirm limo drivers have correct pick up times & addresses
    10. Confirm final amount due & payment due with photographer
    11. Finish menus for tables

    Week of 8/26 thru 9/1:
    1. Send RD site head count by 8/30
    2. Send venue final headcount by 8/31
    3. Pay all vendors final payments (except photographer) 
    4. Confirm BM coming from out of state has ride to CT from Logan Airport 
    5. Bachelorette Party 8/31 to 9/2? Details still being confirmed
    6. Put together tip enveopes for photographer & venue coordinator
    7. Send itenary to WP, vendors & venue on 8/27
    8. Assemble kid's activity basket
    9. Assembly programs
    10. Final dress fitting on 8/27

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    July: (completed items in blue!)

    - Look for groomsmen's ties (tonight! Going to dinner w/ MOH & she's bringing her dress so we can go shopping afterwards).
    -  Mail invitations (later today!! We are driving them out to a little not-really-a-town-anymore place called Bridal Veil, OR. They hand cancel them there, super cute!) 
    - Seamstress 1st app't 7/10
    - Finalize catering & rentals (working on it- in fact waiting for the to call me back right now)
    - Sort out readings & continue working on ceremony w/ officiant
    - Escort cards. Card box. Not sure where I'm going w/ those yet. Ugh.
    - Decide if we even want to mess w/ programs.
    - 7/14 anti-bachelorette day w/ gals- wine tasting, picnic
    - Get started on the cornhole boards! - work in progress. 1 is built, the other 2/3 built. Need to paint them and buy the supplies for the bags. And give those to my BM who has a sewing machine.
    - Gifts- parents, groomsmen. Finishing touches on bridesmaids' gifts.
    - Keep practicing dancing!
    - Sort out rehearsal dinner. This is turning out to be a moving target, and a pain in my arse. I just wanted it to be the wedding party, and plan to get together for some (early) drinks with the out-of-towners. Now my mom says it must include my aunts and uncles from OOT. So that means his aunts and uncles. But maybe not cousins? DOUBLE UGH!

    - Anything not done in July... ;)
    - Get my band sized (think I'll try to take it in on Monday the 6th) and get his band inscribed (may do on same day)- Both done! Mine's picked up, will get his later tonight or tomorrow.
    - License (either 8/6 or 7)- Done!
    - Check in w/ DJ, florist, musicians. All emailed!
    - Make sure registries have right mix of stuff, add if needed.
    - Make place cards. Have purchased the cards & the stamp I'm going to use, need to order clear labels.- basically done- just have to run the labels thru the printer and stick them on the cards. The hard part's done!
    - I'm not sure we're sending out invitations for the rehearsal dinner- just going to let people know via email I think. So will need to do that toward the end of the month. Maybe an evite?- Evite sent and almost everyone RSVP'd the first 2 days. Easy peasy.
    - Go in for fitting on 8/9- may be final fitting? Hope so! :D - Done! Dress is hanging in the coat closet! :D
    - 8/25: track down delinquent RSVPs. ;)- Down to 3 MIA. C'mon, c'mon. Emails have been sent. Phone calls are next I guess. need these by Friday.
    - Order programs (have already typed up).
    - Pay balances to photographer, florist, DJ, string trio, and damage deposit to venue.
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    Wow, after reading everyones lists, I feel like I might be forgetting to do ALOT!

    1.  Hair/make up trial is tomorrow
    2.  Bridal shower is the 19th
    3.  Final meeting with the hall is the 25th.

    I still need too:
    1.  Purchase a couple of pic frames for some signs I made
    2.  Do the seating chart/ escort cards
    3.  Get my marriage license
    4.  Print directions from the church to the hall

    hmmm... off the top of my head I think thats it... or I HOPE thats it
  • I feel like I still have a ton to do!

    meet with caterer
    meet with DJ
    make reserved seating signs
    make various decor ( yarn orbs, monograms)
    Flower Girl dress
    Ring Bearer outfit
    Schedule hair trial
    Makeup trials
    Gifts for groomsmen

    Im sure I'm forgetting some things!
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  • vickel08vickel08 member
    edited August 2012
    My to-do's seem overwhelming!!!
    1) Meet with florist and order
    2) Get cake topper and ribbon for wedding cake
    3) Email venue to discuss wedding rehearsal
    4) Start calling/texting guest who have sent back RSVP
    5) Find jewerly for maids
    6) Buy my wedding shoes (I can't decide)
    7) Find my wedding jewerly
    8) Makeup trial
    9) Start wedding programs (which was suppose to be done last month!)
    10) Rewrite my day of schedule since I know when I will get my hair done!!!
    11) table numbers, escort cards, favors
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  • edited August 2012
    July 29 - August 4
    1. Get marriage license
    2. Buy gift for usher
    3. Make pennant banners

    August 5 - August 11
    1. Pay final balance and confirm all details with florist
    2. Have dress bustled (FINALLY)
    3. Send out RD invitations
    4. Send out music forms and playlist to DJ

    August 12 - August 18
    1. Harass FMIL to make sure she paid the bakery
    2. Have my engagement ring cleaned and rhodium plated
    3. Have necklace chain shortened
    4. Finish vows!!
    5. Order the rest of the alcohol for reception
    6. Print menu cards and other signage
    7. Get wine for wine ceremony box

    8. Get wine glasses for wine ceremony box
    9. Harrass FI to get pictures of himself growing up for display

    August 19 - August 25
    1. Print escort cards
    2. Write our toast of thanks to guests
    3. Color my hair
    4. Make Beatle's Lyrics

    August 26 - August 31
    1. Get nails did.
    2. Make pomanders
    3. Pack bag for mini-moon and wedding night
    4. Make sure FI gets his hairs cut.
    5. Shlep all wedding crap to my aunt and uncle's farm
    6. Rehearsal/RD
    image 141 Invited so far!
    image 112 Are ready to party!
    image 29 Will be missing out!
    image 0 Are MIA!

    Wedding Countdown Ticker
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