September 2012 Weddings

Checks I didn't know i even had!

I met with my MOH today and started a mini rant about things that weren't done that I wish were (read: BM dresses). She calmed my nerves and informed me that the one BM who considered the previous dress choice to be "not a fall style" had agreed to a different dress that MOH and i liked, and had looked into where in her hometown to order it from, yet neglected to tell me these things. Also, she told me to instruct the other OOT BM who didn't even want to try anything on to order that dress and we would be all set. Also, MOH and the other BM already looked into boots.

Ya think they coulda TOLD ME THIS? I'm over here having a hissy because it seems like no one is ordering anything any it turns out they are. No one responds to my emails or calls me and tells me this stuff! But.... it's a check!!!!!!

Also, FI got in contact with an old friend who is a non-demoninational minister and he agreed to do our service! CHECK.

My veil finally came in.... CHECK!

My mom and i finalized the guest list... Major check!

Omfg I'm getting somewhere in all this mess!!!! YES!

Re: Checks I didn't know i even had!

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