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September 2012 Weddings

Have we decided on our siggy yet??

May is tomorrow and I don't remember if we decided or not. Does anyone know or remember that wants to post a poll? 

Re: Have we decided on our siggy yet??

  • I think the general concensus in the post was Honeymoon or Honeymoon Inspiration
  • HM works for me!
    September 2012 Siggy Challenge: Wedding Preview!
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  • This is the first one i am actually participating in. Usually I am too lazy to edit my sig but I'm insanely excited about our honeymoon. 
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2012-weddings_have-we-decided-on-our-siggy-yet?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:a464c18c-2e4d-469b-8eae-3865079cb9cfDiscussion:1436fb50-469a-4e11-907e-b479740ae379Post:5ae27ba3-0e1d-4ef9-8ce8-294d1b81bf8e">Re: Have we decided on our siggy yet??</a>:
    [QUOTE]This is the first one i am actually participating in. Usually I am too lazy to edit my sig but I'm insanely excited about our honeymoon. 
    Posted by celticmyss[/QUOTE]

    <div>You're going to have soooo much fun!  My sister lives in the Netherlands, and used to live in Belgium.  I've visited both and they're pretty awesome :) :)</div>
  • How does one edit their sig??
    September 2012: Invitations

  • How to Add a Siggy

    Upload the photo you want to use to a site like Photobucket.

    Once your photo has uploaded, you can scroll over it and four options appear.  You're interested in the one that says "Direct Link."  Click on the box to the right of the title "Direct Link," and the link will be automatically copied for you.

    Next, go back to the message boards on The Knot.  On the left, you'll see the list of "Wedding Boards" with the boards below it, ie: "wedding boards, special topic wedding boards, local wedding boards, etc."  Below all that, is a section called "Community Links."  Click on the one called "Update Signature."

    On the page that comes up, there will be a box that says "My Forum Signature," and if this is your first siggy it's likely that it's blank.  Put the following code into the box: <*img src="urlhere" width=200*>  Make sure you remove the asterisks AND replace the part in quotations with the URL you copied from your picture on Photobucket.

    Click "Save my Signature," and voila!  You have a siggy!

    Please note: You won't be able to see your siggy on the Update Signature page, since it only shows coding.  You'll have to make a new post or check out one of your old posts to see it.

    Helpful info:
    -To make spaces between items in your siggy use the code <*br* /> (remove the asterisks!).  You'll need to use this code twice <*br* /><*br* /> to have a white space between items in your siggy.
    -ALSO you can play with the width in the code above (<*img src="urlhere" width=200* />) to make your picture larger/smaller.  Change the number 200 to anything else- 150, 300, 223- whatever you want and it will change the size of your picture.  Play around with it until you're happy with the size.
  • Thanks for the tutorial!  It looks like it worked :)
    September 2012: Invitations

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