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September 2012 Weddings

Feeling Dumb....

My fiance and I already looked at venues and we are actually signing a contract next week ! Everyone who asks me when our wedding is always says ...wow why are you waiting so long and planning so early.Am I moving too fast ?

Re: Feeling Dumb....

  • I thought the same thing while looking at venues and booking my church!  But, a few venues told me they've already booked quite a few Saturdays in June/September 2012 - so that made me feel better, because I wasn't so ahead of things!  So, no, I don't think you're moving too fast!  :)

    We've got our church, venue and photographer booked - and have decided to not do anything else until at least the spring, since we got what was most important to us booked already. 
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  • thanks daniegirl... its good to know im not the only one getting a head start on the big things !
  • No, I think this is the perfect time to book your venue.  You now have the biggest decision out of the way.  Similar to PP, we booked our venue within one month of getting engaged.  I just signed the contract for my photographer today.  Once my DJ is booked, I am going to ease up until about March.  By booking early , you get better pricing and have more time to pay off your vendors.
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  • Ditto all of the above... I have booked my venue, caterer and my florist. Plus it's your wedding you can do what you want. Dont let people dictate your moves..  Happy planning.
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  • it's never too early! i'm actually getting nervous because i haven't booked my venue yet. going next to week to check out a place i've heard rave reviews about so if i know it's the one, will book right there!

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  • Thanks everyone for the support ! Im glad to see other people getting a head start with planning too ! good luck to everyone !
  • I guess Im not too far ahead of the game--I guess my finance and I will have to start narrowing down our choices and booking a venue pretty soon, I don't want to lose our date!!
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  • It's never to early and especially if you can lock in pricing for 2010 for your 2012 wedding.  You are doing great!  Don't let everyone who has any opinion say anything to bring you down :0) 
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  • My family said the same thing. You have two years why are so planning already. Exactly that! I took two years to take my time and save money. I don't have a two year engagement to wait a year to start everything...
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