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8 days togo....and of course I get sick.

Typically I'm a really healthy person and I suposse I'm mostly to blame...for the past three weeks I've been working almost 70 hours a week, so I guess it was bound to happen. Any suggestions for kicking the sickies? I actually took 4 hours of vacation yesterday so I could leave work early and catch up on some sleep, so I feel a tad bit better, but I'm still slightly feverish, and my chest is still really congested. I'm off this weekend, however Saturday night ismy bachelorette :( Luckily the plan is a sleepover at one of my BM's houses, so it should be nice and low-key, BUT all I can think of is how nice just staying in my bed this weekend would be....god knows my immune system could use the recoup. Would it be terrible of me to request a reschedule if I'm still feeling terrible on Saturday?
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Re: 8 days togo....and of course I get sick.

  • If you're still feeling bad, you could either reschedule or see about a fun girls night in. There's a ton of possibilities for that. Rent movies with hot guys, have some fun snacks, delicious take out, do "make overs". You know, like when you were a teenager? haha

    As for the sickness in general, I think what youre doing is good. Definitely try to keep up the rest part. Also drink some juice (plenty of fluids!), take some vitamins, and just chill. =) 

    Hope you feel better soon!
  • I'm a huge fan of EmergenC. It always gives me a boost and gets me over the hump when I'm on the verge of getting sick.
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