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September 2012 Weddings

am I the only one

who immediately writes of a vendor when they aren't direct with giving a cost in reply to a quote response email?

I've recently been looking for a DJ and have been using the "request quote" button on their websites to get pricing. Yes part of my decision is based on more than price, but I have to narrow them down some how and with 100+ DJ's in my city I don't have time to meet them all. Recently I got a reply after about 3 or 4 back and forth emails that they want to meet before the price. A-I took time emailing you detailed details of our day B-I'm semi-out of town planning being in school out of town 5 days a week C-If you can't do something as simple as give me a price i'm sure as hell not going to trust you with my day.

Ugh and floral consults. MY GOD they take forever, like 2+ hours. How they hell do I make sure I'm getting a "fair" price if I only meet with one or two? I'm type A in that I don't trust that others REALLY looked into things 100% so hiring a planner is out of the question because I'm not spending that money one something I can do myself.

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