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September 2012 Weddings

The Tea Barn in FairHill Maryland

does anyone know where i can get pictures of the tea barn because im really interested in having my wedding and reception there??? please get back to me asap

Re: The Tea Barn in FairHill Maryland

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    Did you find the pictures you needed? I was able to get some that I can email you if you would like, They are great but they give you an idea.
  • i was wondering if you could email some of the pictures, im interested in having my reception there,
    [email protected]
    thanks so much :)
  • I have been to the Tea Barn years ago when I was in high school for a family friends wedding. Its a nice spot if you want a rustic look. I am too looking into having my wedding reception there also and trying to get info on it and pics to show my fiance since he has never been there.
  • I know this is an old thread but could anyone give me some more insight into the Tea Barn?  We're considering this as a venue for our wedding in August.  We're going this week to look at at but I wondered if anyone could offer insight on their wedding.  What time you have to be out, whats their alcohol policy, what did you do for food without a kitchen?  Were there enough outlets that we could have some large fans throughout?

    Any advice would be great - thanks!
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  • this place looks like it would be very interesting to have a wedding.  But it seems pretty hard to find any info or pics of the place online.  I would love to see any pictures if possible.  But then again for $300 who cares what it looks like :)

    any info would be wonderful :) 
    thanks brides!!
  • I have pictures and more information for anyone who needs it - just message me!  We looked at it and ended up booking it the same week.  As the poster above said, it is two floors.  The top floor has the rustic barn look with really high wooden plank ceilings and a bar at one end.  There are wires strung up already to hang lights or decorations from.  The bottom floor is slightly more modernized with an L shaped bar and two bathrooms.  The rental price of $300 includes the three day rental and all tables and chairs (there is also a $300 deposit). The chairs are kind of crappy metal folding chairs with some rust on them so they will definitely need covers, but overall it's a great value!  The one big drawback that I saw was that it is close to the road and there are several other buildings around it so you will definitely need to go somewhere else within the park for some "woodsy" pictures.  Also, there is no heat or AC so you have to be prepared for whatever weather you encounter. 

    To book, get more info, or set up a time to look at it you can call the FairHill office - 410-398-1246
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  • Yes!!! Please send me some pictures :) I would GREATLY appreciate it.
  • Could you please send me some pictures?
    [email protected]
  • could someone send me pics im planning on having a wedding and reception there next may!!
    [email protected]
  • Could you please send me pictures, we are planning a 2013 wedding and are looking for a barn venue.  [email protected]

    Thank you,

  • Anyone who has pictures or any other barn like venue ideas, please send them to me.  We are planning a 2013 wedding and would love your input.

    [email protected]
  • Would somone please send me pictures as well.  [email protected] 

    Thank you!
  • Sorry to be late to the party.  If anyone has photos of this venue, would you mind sharing them with me?  Thanks so much!

    [email protected]

  • Hi All! I am new to the wedding planning process and have heard so much about the tea barn but cannot find pictures anywhere! They don't even have a website. Could someone please send me info or pictures? I would greatly appreciate it!! hgleason3gmail.com:) Thank you!!!
  • If anyone woudl be willing to share their pictures from the tea barn, I would love to see!  We are planning on looking at this venue next week :)  Thanks!  [email protected]
  • HI! Can someone see me pictures of the Tea Barn? I interested in the venue for my wedding?
    [email protected]
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    Hi! Can I see some pics too!!!! [email protected]
    THANK YOU SOOOOOOO much!!!! 
  • Hi! Can I see some pics too!!!! [email protected]
    THANK YOU SOOOOOOO much!!!! 
  • Hi everyone... I'm new but I saw a lot of posts for pics for the Tea Barn.  I'm having my wedding there on 9/14/13.  Its a two story barn but has had an external overhaul.  Here are some pics.
    But now i have some questions for other tea barn brides... Are any of you getting a day of coordinator since the place is completely DIY? Does anyone have recommendations?

  • Could someone please send me pics of the tea barn..thank you
  • Hi , I am really interested in maybe having my wedding reception here next year could you please send me pics
  • Does anyone even have the contact information for this place?
  • I know this is an old thread but if any one has any pictures still or contact information for the tea barn and is able to share I would really appreciate it!
  • hi, I just booked the tea barn for october of next year.  the tea barn is very inexpensive, so it's in really high demand despite that it is, in fact, bare bones.  this bride has photos of her wedding up, and it shows it in a more flattering light:  http://rusticweddingchic.com/rustic-barn-wedding-maryland

    you really do have to have imagination and put a lot of work into it.  if you're looking to not go into debt for your wedding, though, and really want a rustic look, it's a great bargain.  it cost $410 to book the barn, another $150 for the paddock (optional, that's where the couple above had their ceremony), $35 for the alcohol permit.  there's also a $300 security deposit you pay when you get the keys, but they don't keep it if you leave the barn in good order.  

    most of this has been said above, but I'm going to put it all down so it's in one post; forgive repetitiveness.

    what comes with it: 
    *tables and chairs, which aren't really very nice looking, but you can cover them and they'll do the job.  
    *there are bathrooms with multiple toilets in each on the first floor.  lots of doors and windows, so you can open to let a lot of air and light in, or you can keep them closed to keep bad weather at bay.  
    *lots of space - even though it can only accommodate 125 guests, it seems to be (this from someone who hasn't seen it all set up, mind you) pretty roomy for food, dancing, mingling, being silly. 
    *time - this one is a huge thing for me, and I'm sure a lot of DIY brides - you get to use the property on Friday, Saturday and on Sunday.  so you can set up on Fri, have your wedding Sat, and clean up on Sun.  no need to really stress yourself out doing it all in a few hours time on your wedding day...the office opens at 8, which is when i assume you could pick up the key, and you have to leave the park by 11 (I was originally told 10, but today was told it's changed to 11). 

    what doesn't come with it:  
    *there's no heat or air, but you can bring portable units as long as they are marked as appropriate for indoor use.  
    *it's in a park, so there may be other people on the property.  I have not attended a wedding here, so I'm not sure how that may affect or will not affect anyone having a wedding.  it's just something to consider.
    *anything else.  which is a good thing - you can make it look exactly how you want it to.  there are no set caterers, etc, so it's all up to you.   you can also save money on stuff you don't care about and spend it on what matters, instead of being stuck renting tents, portapotties, etc.  

    these pictures are mine, and are not very good, but they show the good and the bad, I think.  the bottom floor has a lower roof (but not low enough I'm worried about anyone bumping their heads) in a light colored paneling.  there is a very large bar in the rear, right near the bathrooms.  yes, I took pics of the bathrooms because I care about where I'm asking my guests to pee, and you might, too!



  • the second floor is a mix - there is some really raw construction-y looking parts, and then the really pretty rustic wood of the ceiling and the walls.  sorry about the super technical terms haha.

    in the back of the barn on the top floor is a long white bar.  on the right are big doors that open to the outside.  in the front of the barn are doors to an outside balcony area, which is where I assume guests can smoke.    




  • again, I just now booked it, so I don't have any inside info on having your wedding here!  I'll update this with more info or pics if I get any.  
  • sorry for the spam - here's another thread with more pictures on it - http://forums.theknot.com/discussion/739777/tea-barn-at-fair-hill-elkton-md
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