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September 2012 Weddings

In a funk...

I dont know what my problem is lately but I just wish I could have a re-do on the wedding.  Dont get me wrong, I had a good day, but alot of people around me are getting married/did get married recently and while looking through their pics I just think of a million other things I would have done differently.
1.  I wish I went with my first dress (long story short mother in law said it made me look like an old lady, so I ended up buying my #2 choice)
2.  More flowers... in the church, centerpieces etc
3.  Birdesmaids dress' with a strap (all the girls are larger chested and they had issues wearing the dress all day)
4.  It was extremely windy the day off and I wore my hair down.. needless to say it is in my face in all the outdoor pics
5.  I was very disappointed with my wedding pics (not all of the them).  But.. who doesn't get a pic of your first kiss?!?!

Sorry for you guys having to read my pitty party post.  I dont konw what my problem is but I do find myself tearing up every now and then just thinking about it.  All this time and money and it just wasn't what I thought... blah

Re: In a funk...

  • This is TOTALLY normal. There is a type of 'depression' of sorts that follows weddings similar to how post partum follows pregnancies. Try to find things to do to move forward, that's what's helping me. We're house hunting, and I try to focus my energy on that. Also when you are thinking about your wedding, do your best to focus on the good things. Lastly, feel free to vent about it on here anytime you want :)
  • I agree with Britt.  This type of thing happens and it did for me too!  We haven't been to another wedding since our but there's one we are going to tomorrow.  The bride mentioned she might steal some of my ideas so that will be interesting to see..... 

    I was in a funk for a couple weeks after the HM.  I don't think it helped that we went from 90s and sunshine on our HM to 50s and rainy.  When your body is used to the sun it's an extra kick in the pants coming home to that!  
  • No pic of the first kiss is a bummer.  I keep thinking about things that weren't exactly how I wanted them, and kicking myself for not saying anything.  But I'm thinking about it less and less as the days go by.  I hope you can soon start to focus on the things that you truly loved about the wedding instead of the things that were disappointing.  I know it can be difficult to put so much time and energy into something and have it not turn out the way you wanted, but I'm sure some things were absolutely fantastic about the day.  At least, I hope they were.

    I went through a pretty big depression right after getting back.  The day we got back we decided to start organizing the house, so we tore everything in the kitchen apart.  Then the next day I got SUPER sick.  Turns out I got salmonella on the honeymoon, so I could barely drag myself upright for over a week.  My house just sat in this horrible mess, and DH was angry cause he gets super tense when the house is a mess.  I still haven't felt 100% yet, but at least I have a big chunk of the house clean.  But since all we've been doing is cleaning and I've been so sick, DH and I have spent about no time together since getting back from the honeymoon, especially at night.

    The honeymoon was great, but the weeks after were HORRIBLE!  People keep asking how much I love being married, and I smile and say it's great, but both of us just want to say it's been a miserable first month of marriage.  I'm looking forward to things hopefully turning to the up side soon.

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  • Totally agree with PP. I had heard about the "wedding blues" afterwards but thought there was no way it would happen to me, since I just wanted the wedding over with (I did not enjoy the planning process at all). Well, I was in a funk too. Getting my pictures back helped. But, it's weird. . . our wedding went smoothly, but it wasn't what I thought it would be. It's hard to explain. We're trying to focus on where we're vacationing in 2013 (since there will be no house hunting until we both get new jobs). So, that is helping. We're also looking forward to not having any plans (we were totally booked up after the wedding until last weekend) and getting back to normal. Good luck, but yes, vent away!! I might need to as well.
  • That's what's awesome about this board, vent away and we're all here to support each other :)
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