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September 2012 Weddings

Addressing the Envelopes

Okay, I have a Etiquette question and didn't want to get yelled at, like some of the other boards do lol....  Some of my friends live in apartments,  do I need to spell out 123 West Street, Apartment 1 or can I put ",Apt.1".  The first way just looks sooo long, and some of my friends are living together and not married so it would be:

Mr. John Doe
Ms. Jane Donor
123 West Street, Apartment 1
New York, NY 12345

I think putting the apartment on another line takes up too much space.  Any suggestions?  I'm not  sure what to do...
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Re: Addressing the Envelopes

  • I just went with 123 Elm Drive, Apt. 4
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  • I personally spelled out Apartment, but I don't think it really matters.
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  • I did the same as PP
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  • Technically you should spell out apartment as well as the name of the state.  However, if you don't care, I guarantee most of your guests won't notice.  Even if they do, big whoop.  I'm going to be spelling everything out, but I know for sure that I'll be short on room for some of them, so they get Apt.

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  • I think it looks so much nicer to spell it all out.  Try mail-merging it into a text box in Word in script print.  I had several that were more lines - I also put zip code on its own line, so it went:

    Mr. John Doe
    Ms. Sue Smith
    123 South Boulevard
    Apartment 101
    Nowhere, Maine
    3 4 1 4 5

    With a smirly at the bottom!  It looked stunning!



  • I did what calindi did, I just think it looks prettier that way.  Its totally up to you though.
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  • Thanks all, I'm going to do it like Calindi as well, I spoke to the calligrapher and she'll work with them and adjust any as needed, but it def looks very clean and neat.
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  • Just got my invites stuffed, now to address them.  I've heard of putting a secret number on the response cards and then everyones name on the inner envelope.  Did everyone do that?

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