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Ball of emotions....

Hello Girls!!! I haven't posted on this board in a while, but figured you girls are all in the same boat as I am.   I am just under 2 months, everything is pretty much in place and I couldn't be happier; but I couldn't be any more emotional than I am either.  I cry at the drop of a dime over nothing at all.  I have just started receiving response cards, and I go for my first fitting on thursday, so the anticipation is definately building. 
How are you girls handling all the emotions??

Re: Ball of emotions....

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    It comes in waves... depending what I'm working on or what things "hits me" at that moment. When we were working on the wording for our family unity ceremony, my eyes were full of tears and seeing my hair all done up and realizing that this is what I'll look like on the big day, I got a little emotional...
    I say FEEL IT! It's a wonderful time in our lives that only happens once (well we hope haha) so live it up; savour every moment and FEEL IT :)
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    It hits me in waves too. Sometimes wedding stuff makes me super cranky and I want nothing to do with it/don't want to talk about it. Other times...let's just say I'm sitting here at work with a tissue after reading mamameech's family ceremony.  
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    I don't cry as much as just flip the F out. I just try and keep myself in check and remember what this is all about instead of huffing and puffing because the last GM hasn't been measured yet or, people reply "maybe" to a shower.
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    I have my moments, but yeah, I tend to tear up on a dime, too!

    When we went to visit my venue, we were doing a walk-through to figure out the timing of everything, and I was walking down the staircase and was saying, "So this is where I'll come down for the first look,and FI will be standing right there...." and I burst into tears!



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    Like PPs, it kind of comes in waves. But I can et in under control pretty quickly. Sometimes just hearing the song I'll walk to for the hundred millionth time will get to me and I tear up and have to suck in a couple of quick breaths. After a few seconds, I'm good. haha  Like meech said, I try to just enjoy the now because in 2 months (little more for me), it'll all be over and I'll just have my pictures and memories.
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    Right now I just feel really excited about everything and anxious to get home to the states.  I really don't feel that stressed out at all and so far I haven't been getting teary or irritable about anything.  It may be because I am all the way in England and the fully reality of it all hasn't completely set in yet even though I have 2 months before the wedding.  I think once I actually get back to the states and reality really starts to sink in I will start to become a little more emotional about little things.  At this moment though I am super happy and excited and can't wait to get home back to the states in 6 and a half weeks. 
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    I've been able to deal with my emotions until this past Saturday which was FI's bday.  His best friend since he was 2 years old messaged him on facebook and said their was a good possibility that he would be able to make the wedding(we made him honarary best man because he is in the army).  I lost it because he means so much to FI and I and a couple of weeks ago we didn't even think it was possible he would even make it!  Everyone keep your fingers crossed!!!!
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    [QUOTE]<strong>I don't cry as much as just flip the F out</strong>. I just try and keep myself in check and remember what this is all about instead of huffing and puffing because the last GM hasn't been measured yet or, people reply "maybe" to a shower.
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    I second this!  I feel like the anti bride sometimes because I get so pissed haha
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