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How long does it take to walk down the aisle

Hey All!
I am currently trying to figure out my ceremony music and I was wondering if any knew approximately how much time I will need to walk down the aisle. Its a small wedding so it shouldn't be a very long aisle. I just don't know if I need approximately 45 seconds of a song, 1.5 minutes, or 3 minutes +. I am not planning to use the usual wedding march and I don't mind waiting for the song or song clip I choose to finish but I also don't want to be waiting at the end of the aisle for multiple minutes with my guest just watching at me.

Re: How long does it take to walk down the aisle

  • Thanks Ladies, I was actually just talking about myself (me and my father). I plan to have the wedding party and everyone else walk down to one song and myself to another. I will hopefully be able to time it but I was just looking for a more general answer like I have approximately 100 guest and it took me approximately 45 seconds. I do not plan to have live musicians at the ceremony because I plan on only having music for the procession (so maybe 5 minutes) so I'm planning to find a song that I like and clip it to an appropriate amount of time -- I think it sounds weird when you don't let the song get to a decent stopping point where you can fade out.
    Thanks again for all your responses! :)
  • How long is the aisle?  That's the only way that one can determine how long it takes to walk down.
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