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I saw that you and FI are debating Yosemite or not and I wanted tot ell you that I've been. It's so boring. For real. I'm mean it's gorgeous, but really the only people there are old tourists. If you decide to go somewhere else, I would suggest Yellowstone. I don't know how far it is from Yosemite, but it has all the natural beauty of Yosemite plus some. And animals. And gysers. It was just so neat.

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    Haha... thanks for the advice! We were actually just considering going as a side trip to our Napa plans. FI has this dream of going to a national park and can't let it go even though I keep telling him that it will take so much time and stress out of our relaxing vacation... although I get that the boy may not want to spend 8 days in wine country as much as I will enjoy it. Which is why I want to let him do something he wants. He's seen the pictures and they look amazing but I've always envisioned it like you said - with a bunch of old tourists. I think he's imagining like a 4 hour hike to see an enormous waterfall. All I imagine is a 5 hour roadtrip... there... and then back... haha!!
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