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Bachelorette Party last night!

It was a blast!  We started the day with go-karts, went to a dinner cruise, had a wine tasting, then headed to a bar for dancing.  Things weren't exactly supposed to happen in that order, but it all worked out.  I was running a little late to my party, so we actually cancelled the wine tasting earlier in the day; but after dinner, we just happened upon one.  Fun times.  It was a perfect night, and a few ladies that I didn't exactly expect to come  were there (some of FI's friends wives), and we all got to know each other a little better.  And to top off the day, there was a crazy 5K mud run obstacle course taking place where we went for go-karts, and we were pulling into the parking lot; and there was a guy "hiding" behind his car changing, completely stark naked!  LOL.  My bridesmaid just pointed and yelled "NAKED MAN!!!"  So I even got to see a naked man at my party.  I felt like I should have thrown a dollar at him as we drove by.  :)

However, I was late to my party because of FI.  He was supposed to go to dinner Friday night then up to a cabin with some buddies for his bach party.  But some guys couldn't go to the cabin, so they decided to hit up a couple bars after dinner.  Well, FI never made it up to the cabin.  His buddies were buying him shots ALL night, and FI's brother was about to drive him to the cabin after the bar, and FI asked to go home cause he was sooooooo sick.  So I ended up getting about 5 broken up hours of sleep the night before my party, cause I was trying to take care of FI.  Then I was late the next day because he was finally conscious enough to drink water, and I had to sit there and hand feed him water, or he wouldn't drink any.  I wasn't gonna just leave him until I knew he had water in him and was safe.  I'm not exactly mad at anyone in particular.  They were all having a good time, and FI's friends wanted to get him shots.  It's not like he's ever done something like this before, but it kind of sucked having to focus on him and show up to my own party half asleep and late.  I haven't talked to him since I left for my party, so I don't even know if he's sorry about all of it.

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Re: Bachelorette Party last night!

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    I am glad you had a good time!!

  • Mine was last night too, we went to dinner then to the neon trees concert. Glad you had a god time!
  • glad you had a good time! YAY
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  • Glad you had a good time.  It sucks that FI was a little selfish to go too far with the drinking (even when your friends pressure you, you can say no) but since you had a good time, I'd let it go.  Sometimes people's drinking limits sneak up on them (why I personally hate is sooo hard to keep track) and it wasn't intentional.  In the future though if you guys have back-to-back plans I think it would be okay to bring it up casually and just ask him to be mindful of you (not in a "I've been holding this grudge" kind of way).  If he does apologize just say you understand he didn't mean to but you'd like him to keep you in mind next time if you have a big day. 
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