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September 2012 Weddings

Wedding Colors

What is everyones wedding colors? I'm getting married the middle of Sept and I really want pink, ivory, and bling but I cant seem to find the right bridemaid dress colors :( Do you think it matters if your bridesmaid dress colors match what the venue will look like?

Re: Wedding Colors

  • Ours are aqua and red originally we were getting married in may but we kept the same colors and the bridesmaids dresses don't have to match the venue ours dosent.
  • Our main color is wine and I was going to do a silver or grayish accent color but then my BM pointed out that we would match our highschool's football team "garnet & grey". So, now my flowers are autumn colors (greens, oranges, yellows etc..) and they look pretty against the wine.  
  • I am doing light pink ivory and gold....
    I think a champagne color would look nice for bridesmaid dresses.
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  • My BM dresses are Chocolate and Ivory Chiffon. My accent color is yellow..
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  • My bridesmaids dresses are navy... flowers will be mostly white, and we'll have gold accents at the reception (candles, chivari chairs, linens for the cocktail tables).

    The bridesmaid dresses don't need to go or match with the venue. However, I did choose and accent of gold over silver because it will flow with the room better, but I'm sure nobody would have noticed if I did silver.

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  • Our colors are Sage green and Chocolate brown.  The girls are wearing the Sage Green (Celedon form Alfred Angelo) and the overlays on the tables will be chocolate brown.  The venue does coordinate with the brown but we picked the colors before the venue so that was just a coincidence.  I don't think their dresses have to match the venue at all.  Just pick the colors you like best.  They're going to be in pictures that you look at for the rest of your life.
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  • ours are like a peacock blue and a mossy green, and ivory (see my sig for an idea of the colors).

    the bridesmaid dresses are "matisse blue" it's a shade of jcrew dresses that i fell in love with.
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  • Plum and Gold :)

    FI's only decor request was no pink. Blue is WAY overdone here at the beach, so I wanted to stay away from it as we're not having a beachy wedding.
  • I say my colors are Sangria and Chartreuse.  But mainly that is in the paper and attire, there will be big bold blooms of deep purply reds and wine colors, but then we are using succulents and white birch and moss so its not really a deliberate color scheme so much.  I hope to match the table linen to the bridesmaids dresses and then let everything else just kind of flow.  I may lose my chartreuse since much of the greenery wil be more natural or mossy green than that shocking green but I hope we can bring some in with filler flowers. 
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  • Ours are purple, gray and white.  Guys will be in gray suits with purple ties and I'm stuck between having the girls wear purple or gray dresses.  The reception tables will have white tablecloths with purple runners and I'm making yarn balls in different shades of purple and gray to hang from the tent.  Our flowers will be whatever is in season at the time, I don't think it has to match.
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  • My main color is pewter with various shades of yellow/gold/oranges with it. (Our venue has a lot of gold so this will hopefully work well).

    I originally thought "fall" but our STDs were in a slate and yellow and the invites I'm hoping to have designed will be as well.  Therefore I cut out the burnt oranges and burgundy colors to have it be more cohesive.  
  • Our colors are cappucino brown, pink and french blue for an accent. It goes well with our venue but I honestly didn't plan that out. I did take that into consideration, though, once we chose our venue. 
  • I'm so confused on what to do. I want my colors at the venue to be pink, ivory, and bling. I'm getting pink uplighting, my centerpiece flowers will consist of pink and ivory, and i will add crystals for the bling. I want pink flowers for the bridesmaid and wanted pink for their dresses as well. The only problem is that I cant find the right shade of pink for the dresses. Everything I keep seeing is either super bright or super light. I cant seem to find an in between. I already found a dress I love but the designer doesnt have the color for it. Any ideas what color would like nice with the look that I'm looking for? I was thinking of charcoal with bright pink flowers but i'm afraid it will look dull and i dont want that! help! :)
  • Our colors are brown and ivory.  I'm using dried lavender for my flowers, so those colors are incorporated as well.  I've also picked up a few red decorations, so I guess I'll have a little red here and there.

    My bridesmaids are choosing their own dresses in either a chocolate or mocha.  Only requirement, not taffeta and knee length.  I think it's perfectly ok for their dresses to not be one of your "colors".  Use your flowers for that and use accents.
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  • Ours are, navy, pink, hints of purple and bling.

    Their dresses are going to be navy with a broach for the bling.

    Flowers are going to be all shades of pink

    My bouquet will be pinks and purples with a bling stem wrap

    Centerpieces: shades of pink with blinged out votives surrounding them.  The centerpiece vase will have tea leaves inside to hide the stems for a pop of color

    Table #s will be bling as well as frames with the menue listed.
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    Our colors are Rose Petal (Pink) and Moss (Green).  I originally wanted Black and Gold (fav football team) but then my fiance wanted orange and blue. (his fav football team) When we couldn't agree on colors, we decided to go with my fav color and his fav color.

    My bridesmaids are going to be in black, satin, knee length dresses with a pink sash.

    The groomsmen will be in black tuxes with green vest and tie. 

    Flowers will be pink carnations and green gerber daisies.

    Table linens will be green with pink napkins. 

    Centerpieces will be pink and green flowers.
  • We're doing red, black and white. 

    I think going with a more neutral like charcoal and then bring out the colours with the bouquet/accessories would look great :) 
  • Chocolate brown and oragne.  The men are wearing brown suits with a burnt oragne shirt and my dress has burnt orange the top and on the train
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  • my bridesmaid dresses are capri blue and accent colors are black.there shoes and all accessories will be black. there bouquets are black and blue with accents but mine however are orange and white with accents. :)
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