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YAY!! Less than 2 years to go!!

Celebrate it ladies! We will all hit the "less than" 2 years mark this month.  I say celebrate it.  I don't have a specific timeline at this point, just random important dates in my head - like paid the deposit on the venue (9/6/10),  start full on dress shopping - even though I've looked already 6/2011, bridal party GTG  - 9/2011
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Re: YAY!! Less than 2 years to go!!

  • I know...I am so excited and a little nervous...FI and I really have to start buckling down and saving
  • I know! It's awesome! So exciting. We need to start saving too, after we move.
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  • Exactly 2 years for me today... So excited..
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  • I cannot believe two years from today my FI and I will be getting married!!!

    In one way, it seems so close, and I know the time is going to fly (especially because I'm MOH for my twin sister's wedding next August), but in another way, I just want it to hurry up and be 9/8/2012!  :)
  • I KNOW!!! I can't believe it's 2 years from today... it's awesome!! 

    Daniegirl43 I totally get how you feel... When I think about it it feels like it is such a long time, but I know that it will go by really quick.  I am so impatient though!!
  • i know in less than two years i will be marrying the man of my dreams! Im super excited! I have to start saving too
  • I can't believe we've been engaged for almost a year!  In about 5 months we really have to book things like the DJ and Photographer, so I'm pretty excited!
  • knowing it's less than 2 years makes me so excited! i've been having a hard time lately since i haven't seen my guy in a few months and won't til christmas (he's in the coast guard, stationed in louisiana) but this makes me happy!! :)


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