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should i

should i expect gifts at a wedding renewal?

Re: should i

  • You should never expect anything.. But I am sure your friends and family will come up with some goodies for you :) Prolly money most likely.. How long you been married?
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  • Ya by expect i meant register for gifts but by the time of the wedding it will be 5 years!
  • IDK.. If it was me and I was doing a renewal... I wouldnt expect anything.. Because to me a re-newal is just a celebration of love that I am inviting my friends to be a part of.. But it also depends on how you got married the first time?? Did you have a big wedding? Did these same people that you are inviting to the re-newal attend the wedding and give gifts?.. Lot of variations go in to it.
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  • I would expect gifts, but I wouldn't register for them or anything like that if that's what you're asking... If I were going, I would bring a gift... but my mom taught me never to go anywhere empty-handed.
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