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September 2012 Weddings

Gifts for Parents??

What have some of you given or are giving your parents as gifts?  I'm having a really hard time with this and could use any help I can get.  TIA!!

Re: Gifts for Parents??

  • So I was really struggling with this and I think we've come up with the answer:

    For my mom: Antique hanky with date embroidered on it and a pair of sparkly Toms for dancing

    For FMIL: Same hanky plus a charm for a charm bracelet she's had for years 

    For my father's wife (we're not close): Same hanky ('cause I'm polite) and a cute/classy business card case (she gives out business cards frequently)

    For my father and FFIL: monogrammed letter openers.  no wedding date, etc, but we realized they both use butter knives to open letters and thought adding their initials would be a thoughtful, classy touch.

    We took a 5 hour hike today and FINALLY figured this out by just talking it over.
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  • We're making them nice albums after the wedding.
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    My dad is getting a clock that is a nautical map etched into wood. He is both a sailor and a woodworker so it's perfect.

    I wanted to get my mom a bottle of perfume but I am not positive what she likes so I am getting her an Ulta giftcard so she can buy a bottle. 

    Parents and siblings will all get a photo album after the wedding, possibly as part of their Xmas gift. I also want to give my dad a picture of us together at the wedding framed along side a picture of us together when I was a flower girl ages ago. 

    ETA: FH's mother passed away less than a year ago and he doesn't have a relationship with his father. He is invited to the wedding but hasn't been involved at all so we're not planning on getting him a special day of gift. 
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  • We are thinking of doing frames for the parents and then I will most likely write a sappy note with each one with full intentions of making them cry in public at the rehearsal dinner ;)
  • We are getting them both photo albums post wedding.  At the rehearsal dinner we are having them open a picture frame with a note inside about the album to come.  That way they have something to open too.
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  • I made photobooks that are about half pictures of FI & me through childhood and half engagement pictures, so each set of parents will get one of those. They're also each getting a pretty 5x7 frame that we'll give them a picture for once we get the pics back. We'll also give his parents a $50 gift card to Bass Pro Shop (they're very outdoorsy) and my parents a $50 gift card to a nice restaurant. 
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  • We got both parents' wedding albums from the photographer and I bought a cute picture frame from personlization mall for each of them.  We are also giving them a giftcard for dinner at their favorite restaurants!

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