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Anyone else nervous about tan lines this summer?

So lately I've been enjoying the warm weather like most people. And like most soon-to-be brides, I've been trying to get in shape for my Sept. 15th wedding. I was out running earlier this week though when it hit me that running outside in my baggy t-shirt could lead to me getting an awful farmer's tan! I've been told that suntan lotion won't really help to prevent tanning, its just more to prevent getting burned. 

But then I thought about how I have to go all summer in some kind of long sleeve or a tube top. (I'm well endowed in the chest area and the thought of wearing tube tops all summer does not sound appealing). Has anyone else out there thought about this stuff or what they're going to do to combat the seemingly inevitable tan lines?
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Re: Anyone else nervous about tan lines this summer?

  • Well I work out inside a gym and my job is inside as well. I plan on laying out by the pool to get my tan and have two different tops to wear for bathing suits. I have a bandeau and a triangle halter. The bandeau is for the lines going up and the triangle is for lower cut shirts since the bandeau is just striaght across. My arms and shoulders are the first to tan so I'm not too worrie about that, it's all about keep my chest/neck area even.

    Sorry this doesn't help you =( I'm not too big up top so I can wear just about any top...
  • My dress is backless! I have DEFINITELY been concerned about this! No matter what shirt I wear I'm screwed lol
  • i have a strapless bathing suit just for this purpose. i'm not outside much except when i make time to go to the pool, so i can pre-plan to wear that suit. but i am also planning on tanning regularly in tanning beds, so i shouldn't have too many lines etc.
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  • I'm worried about burning since I don't tan.  I'll probably be a recluse actually in regards to the sun this summer because a bad burn is not only terrible for me but never seems to fade.  I go back to pale after but there is a line of where my even more pale skin is after a burn.  I also live in FL though so from April/May until about October it is insufferable to be outside and I'll be out in the sun a lot rarely.  I have naturally blonde hair though and would like it to be nice and light for the wedding so I do want to lighten my hair in the sun some...I'll probably cover everything else completely though and only spend 20min max outside.  Running in tank tops would at least keep your whole arm even.  I live by the motto that theres no such thing as too much sunblock so it can't hurt to should slow down how quickly you tan at the least.  Maybe try a spray tan soon to see if it can help even you out before the wedding?  Or find a liquid bronzer you like to even out obvious lines.
  • You betcha! I'm at the cottage every weekend and we're out on the water with friends so it's not like I can parade around topless LOL
    I'm just gonna have to be very careful... which isn't a bad thing either ;)
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  • Yeah, I guess I'll just have to slather on some super strength SPF and watch what I'm wearing. I'm just sad that I won't be able to enjoy the outside as much this summer. I'm not a big go-to-the-tanner kind of person either (partially for money reasons) so I was trying to avoid having to use that to fix stuff. I guess being a hermit of 6 months isn't all that bad, right?? :-)
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  • Since I don't tan, really, I burn, I'm mostly concerned about not burning- I went for a nice long sunny day hike wearing a scoopneck top in an area w/ no trees one day early last summer and had neglected to put sunscreen on my neck (got my arms tho) and got awfully scorched, which faded to a sun-damaged area (the closest I get to "tan"- terrible!) that is just now starting to look the same as the area around it, 9 months later. Ay caramba.

    So I'm just going to be super duper vigilant about putting sunscreen everywhere this summer. Will probably do a spray or airbrush tan too- I have done sprays in the past for events and it looks so dang good, much more golden than I could ever hope to achieve on my own.
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  • Yes! I have been thinking about this a lot. I think I will try to go for strapless bathing suit as often as possible and hit the tanning bed in September (my date is Sept 29) to even out any lines I do have.
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  • I have to be very careful in the sun and I'm incredibly concened about this.  Little known fact, I had 2nd degree burnes covering 66% of my body in 2010 so I don't want to get burned again this summer.  (I have healed for the most part, I only have one small noticible scar-  I'm very lucky).

    My plan is to use sun screen all summer and untie my straps if I am laying out.
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  • SCogs, I had 3rd degree burns my senior year of high school.  It was terrible!  I didn't move for over a week.  My mom and dad painted a silverdine Rx (sp) all over me and sprayed me with water day and night.  I have a portion on my leg that's discolored from it.  So I'll never wear anything above the knee.

    As for the tan, I need to start tanning in beds in April, to be even remotely tan by September.  I'm Casper the ghost, but burn a bunch of times.  I need to start at 2 minutes and work my way up. 
  • I have thought about this. Of course I live in Fl so no way to truly avoid the sun. I plan on tinting my windows to avoid getting the Fl driver tan and avoiding beaches until after the wedding. It'll make for a sucky summer but it's worth it to look even on my wedding day. I am very well endowed and I tan very very easily. I can't take any chances with weird tan lines they last forever it seems.
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  • I was actually gonna post the SAME thing and ask this because as a farmer, you betcha I get a farmers tan! I am guarunteed one usually by May. I had one for my junior prom pics way back when because of the sport I was in, and it was embarrassing. I'd like to think I can try to avoid tanning beds. They freak me out and I have heard way too many horror stories. So I may buy a bandeau top solely for the purpose of avoiding bad tan lines. I know my farmers tan is inevitable but I'd like to make it as invisible as possible.
  • YES!  I work outside, and have freckled skin, so I'm constantly slathering on SPF 100, wearing big hats and sunglasses, etc.  But tan lines are indeed inevitable.  I plan on getting an airbrush tan to even things out.  I'll do a test run a month or so out, and then hopefully another one a few days before the wedding.  
  • I have already been thinking about this too! I have been running outside as I am training for a half marathon... I think I am going to try to lay out a little by the pool with a tube top or worst case, use a tanning bed for a few weeks to even out any lines.
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  • In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:a464c18c-2e4d-469b-8eae-3865079cb9cfDiscussion:5247b1df-e28c-4664-a30c-0490db416933Post:5139587f-61a3-4984-8d6d-6ea51ff07f14">Re: Anyone else nervous about tan lines this summer?</a>:
    [QUOTE]YES!  I work outside, and have freckled skin, so I'm constantly slathering on SPF 100, wearing big hats and sunglasses, etc.  But tan lines are indeed inevitable.  I plan on getting an airbrush tan to even things out.  I'll do a test run a month or so out, and then hopefully another one a few days before the wedding.  
    Posted by adelaide03[/QUOTE]

    I would suggest doing a test run more than 1 month out.  I tried an airbrush tan and it took some spots over a month to fade (it faded pretty unevenly on me).  I am super pale naturally and don't tan so it may work different for you but just in case the same thing happens, I suggest testing it out 2 or more months before.  Plus differnent companies use different formulas so if you try it sooner rather than later you can find one that works for you.
  • I just bought a swimsuit at old navy because of this!  It's a bandeau type style swimsuit but it had removable straps so after the wedding I can wear it with straps when I don't care about my tan lines anymore :)
  • I've been thinking about this constantly as I have olive skin and tan really easily regardless of what sunscreen I'm wearing.  My wedding is in Sept, and I have two rafting trips before then, so I'm planning to get a strapless bikini for that (my gown is strapless).

    But then there is the problem that one time of eating out on a patio and I'll have a deep tan on one side... I'll try to be extra careful and wear longsleeved shirts, but it only takes the one time.  I'm not into tanning and the last thing I want to do is get darker, and darker, and darker.  I guess I'll see how bad it is a month before the wedding, and maybe try spray tranning??
  • After I posted, I looked at Victoria Secret and they have a ton of strapless dresses, bikinis, and tops that look like they could be worn doing some sporty stuff (I hike so was looking for something I could hike in).  And not too pricey, will post how some of them turn out when they arrive.

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