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September 2012 Weddings

So excited I could cry! (NWR)

One of our BM and his wife (both incredibly close friends of ours) have been trying to conceive since their wedding day.  They hit their 3 year anniversary in one week so it has been a long and frustrating process for them.  FI called his BM two nights ago to hammer the last of the details for the bachelor party this weekend.  Before FI could say anything, BM was just so excited he blurted out that his wife is pregnant!  They just found out and she's only 6 weeks along but BM said 1. he had to tell someone and 2. since his wife won't be drinking at the wedding, in case someone notices and the secret gets out at the wedding, they didn't want us to feel like they were stealing our thunder.  I thought this was so sweet but honestly I will rejoice secretly until they are ready to tell and if it comes out at the wedding we have all the more reason to celebrate.  Fi's bday is today and BM's bday was a week ago so they have a ton of celebrating to do this weekend.  FI was also so cute...his two BM are the closest thing he has to brothers so this huge news for them made him so happy.  He said he's excited to be an uncle haha.  I'm just so happy for them and just pray for a healthy pregnancy.  The first trimester is always the scariest for these things so since they have been trying so hard and will make such wonderful parents, I pray their troubles are behind them. 

Re: So excited I could cry! (NWR)

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