September 2012 Weddings

opinions please

if we use the preferred  caterer  we get 1000.00 off  the facility but then the preferred cater charges 90.00pp. there are a list of 10 we can choose from but they are the only one giving 1000.00 off.should we go with a cheaper caterer one of which will give us a 1000.00 off the total.we have only check with two caterer havent checked out the others yet.

Re: opinions please

  • I'd check all and crunch the numbers in order to make that decision.  Unless you absolutely love the food with the preferred caterer, I'd go with the best choice budget wise if that is the concern.  It's only a deal if you are getting the most for your $$$$.l
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  • I would check all of them out and cheaper isnt always better cause the food could taste like crap.
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