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September 2012 Weddings

Hotel welcome bags for guests

So we have blocked off some hotel rooms for our guests to stay overnight. We are going to give our welcome bags and attach a note, include water, snacks, maybe Advil? What are you all putting in yours? I don't really want to put maps bc mostly everyone is from the area and just staying so they don't have to drive.
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Re: Hotel welcome bags for guests

  • We ordered reusable bags for ours. :) We are including bottles of water, fish crackers, chips ahoy cookies, and I am not sure what else....hmmmm.

    In hotel bags that I have recieved in the past tissue packets, dorito and chip bags, and little containers of altoids have been included.
  • Ear plugs!

    Ummm... Tums/Pepto Bismol, band-aids...

    Even if you're from the area, sometimes it's fun to go to the Chamber of Commerce and get brochures for fun activities in the area... (Plus, they're free and colorful and fill the bag up...)
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  • I agree with PP's ideas. I was also thinking about some of those little mini bottles of wine (or does that just make us seem like alcoholics?) Haha. I was planning on typing out the schedule of events with addresses and contact numbers, too (for convenience). Maybe some safety pins, too? It seems like someone always ends up needing those when dressing up and no one ever has them. 

    In my cousin's welcome bags that included these cute (and delicious) bakery cookies that were in the shapes of little brides and grooms.
  • My cousin did this and she put in mini bottles of Coke, a bottle of water, Hershey's bars that had a cover on them that was customized with the bride and groom's names, and Doritos. It was really nice, and definitely for the large gap of time between her ceremony and reception.

    We aren't doing these because we don't have the money and don't have a ton of people coming from outta town. We didn't even book a block of rooms because we just don't think there's enough people to even consider that.
  • Our wedding and hotel block is at a DoubleTree.  A welcome bag wasn't really in the budget for us but since DT already hands out cookies at check in, we thought we'd just add a note to piggy back on that.  On the note I had a schedule of events as well as infomration about the hotel restaurant/bar hours and things to do in the area.  The night before the wedding we hope people will gather at the bar so we can spend some time before.  We can't formally invite people there because picking up the tab isn't feasible for our wallets but we hope by putting the hours on there, people will find their way down there on their own and we can socialize with our guests before the next day when it'll be more hectic.

  • I'm not going to worry about welcome bags, one less thing to worry about and the receptionist people will probably appreciate it too!
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