September 2012 Weddings

September 22 2012

Were getting closer ladies!!!

what have you all done so far???
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Re: September 22 2012

  • Where in Cen Cal?  That's where I'm from
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    Just because you saw it on Four Weddings, doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  • Have Completed:

    ·      Ceremony Venue

    ·      Reception Venue (includes catering)

    ·      Guest List

    ·      Dress/Shoes/Veil/Hair piece

    ·      Flowers

    ·      Bridal Party Selected

    ·      Cake

    ·      Invites/STDs

    ·      DJ

    ·      Photographer

    o   engagement session done

    o   bridal appointment booked

    ·      Videographer

    ·      Rehearsal Dinner Location

    ·      Hotel Blocks

    ·      Honeymoon booked

    ·      My ring

    ·      Organist

    ·      Officiant

    ·      Limo

    ·      Call Olga/book alterations

    ·      Make-Up Booked

    ·      Hair Booked

    o   Trial

    o   Bridal Portraits

    o   Wedding Day

    ·      Escort Cards/Place Cards

    o   Need to assemble

    To- Do:

    ·      Bridesmaid Dresses

    ·      Flights/Rental Car for honeymoon

    ·      Linens

    ·      Tuxes

    ·      His Ring

    ·      22 inch Cake Stand

    ·      Select Menu

    ·      Select Music

    ·      Legal Documentation

    I can't believe I'm this far along!  Have I forgotten something major?


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  • SCogs, I thought I was doing well- after your list I think I need to move a lot faster :)
    Church & Priest (coming from a different church)
    Engaged Couple Conference (for church)
    Reception Venue
    Reserved Blocks of Rooms at Hotels
    Bridal Party is Set
    Engagement Photos
       *Book & Send Deposit to Photographer- Jan. WR resolution
    Save The Dates are here
        *Get them in mail- Jan WR resolution #2
    Guest List 75% complete
        *Get completed list & addresses from my mother- Jan WR resolution #3
    Started Dress Shopping
  • everyone is booked except DJ (last mtg this weekend then I will decide) and the church (they will get $$ this weekend).

    I NEED to make appointments with the
    -premartital classes

    Most recent checks:
    -decided on a dress
    -deposit for rentals
    -centerpieces decided on
    -ruled out DIY invites as being not worth the less than $100 in savings

    I'm feeling good about things and am ready to take a break from this for a bit until I need to meet with the baker, stationer, pastor and decide on wedding dresses. I'm done school in April and in 2 weeks I start my final preceptorship so that's going to be a gong show with no time for wedding
  • oh wow!  i ahve not started one thing. just have my dress and thats all!! i got to get going!
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  • I've done wedding planner;DJ;photography ;Officiant;florist ;cake;harpist;
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