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Bachelorette Party Host - Opinions!

One of my bridesmaids has planned and put together "hosting" my bachelorette party / weekend. I have  relocated 8 hours away to be with FI so all of my bridesmaids are traveling for the bachelorette party and wedding. My BM has planned a weekend for us to meet in the middle in Kansas City, booked the hotel, planned the events, dinners, etc. I want to get her a gift for all of her planning and "hosting". Are you giving gifts to the ladies throwing your bach parties? If so, ideas? I am just stumped on this!

Re: Bachelorette Party Host - Opinions!

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    I'm sending flowers to my two FSILs after all their help with my bridal shower this past weekend as a thank you. Other things you could consider: wine, giftcards to their favorite restuarants, or for a spa day? Favorite perfume? You could go the tote-full-of-goodies route.

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